Friday, March 07, 2008

Last Day

My days of working at Costco have come and gone...Friday, March 7th was my last! It was a manic day, filled with highs and lows. I worked feverishly to "wrap up" my desk and get things ready for Gretchen (turquoise scarf) who will be my replacement. I was also celebrated very sweetly by my co-workers who have been great friends to me these last 3 years (I had been with Costco for nearly 4 years total). They took me to lunch, had a cupcake celebration and gave me a mug with their photo on it, and finally threw a party at Yoon's house- and there was dancing!

I am very excited for this next chapter in my life but as the clock ticked closer and closer to 5 on my last day I was filled with a bit of sadness. I will miss this place, these people. So, here's a list (not comprehensive) of things I am already missing...

- The Shavey Abuse Log, now passed down to Kyle
- Yoon pretty much laughing at everything I say and being thoroughly impressed with my hip hop/rap knowledge
- Jen running to the bathroom like clockwork
- Chris knowing everything about everyone AND his incredible laugh
- People coming to ME with Martha Stewart-like questions...I felt so domestic and creative
- Mike winning the "disgruntled employee of the month" title every month since I've known him
- Color shirt days- 1 Friday out of the month...can you tell from the photo that it was brown?

I know there's plenty more that I'm missing, but I'll just keep those in my head.

I'll miss you Dept. 24! Best of luck!


heather b said...

wow, your last day came so soon! congratulations on your new adventure jenny!

Kristen said...

way to go, jenny! sounds like a wonderful send-off from your co-workers. so glad you included a photo of your team. i'm looking forward to hanging out with you soon, during the day!

Prince said...

You look so pretty!


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