Saturday, April 05, 2008

All Aboard!

Notice the common denominator among our Cruise-mates? Yep, I think apart from the crew, Jeff and I are pretty much the youngest people on the ship! We're not quite the most popular yet, but at least we're easy to recognize.

We boarded at noon on Saturday, April 5th and headed straight for our cabin, which is quite spacious and has a lovely balcony.

Manhattan was our backdrop- and it stayed that way for a good 8 hours...the ship was delayed due to a missing part.

Our indoor/outdoor pool (retractable roof)- I've yet to swim in it because it's FREEZING.

A quick game of b-ball- "stop frontin' son"

Our daily snack!

Jeff taught me to play chess...I haven't won yet, but I keep threatening Jeff that soon the student will surpass the master.

The city lights...

...and Miss Liberty herself!

Off to a day at sea and then first stop- Bermuda.


patrice said...

I'm so glad you're still blogging, even though I understand that the ship's internet service is very slow. It's Thursday, 4/3 and we finally have a bit of sun. Any seasickness? Hope not. Love you both,

itstooearly said...

Dang, nice move Jeff, breakin ankles - Waxxxx!!!!

Looks like you guys are going to meet some other fun couples on the ship...looks like a blast.

amyrenee said...

All the q-tips. I love it! Old people are the best. Except for maybe mid to late twenties folks but they are not on your cruise so no need to get too far off topic.

Seriously. Old people have the best stories. Sometimes, if you gain their respect, you can even get them to take out their false teeth.

Dare you.

Aleah said...

You guys have fun, it looks like you already have been having a blast!
Great pictures!

Kristen said...

really great, you guys.

we're enjoying your photos so much!

Jocy May said...

really enjoying the posts. amy- your comment really had me rolling!

Ilse said...

Love the photos - and am jealous of your trip!


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