Monday, April 07, 2008

Bermuda, Bahama, Come on Pretty Mama....

Buoys were the first signs of life as we neared Bermuda...which contrary to popular belief (or at least in mine and Jeff's limited geographical knowledge) is not in the Caribbean.

The British used Bermuda as a Naval yard, our local taxi driver told us they used it for R&R- rest and relaxation. And we can see's beautiful, quaint, and filled with some hilarious locals.

We had the taxi take us to the best beach on the island- Horseshoe Bay...the water was clear, it was a beach straight out of a postcard!

Bermuda is known for having pink sand...kind of true.

I love how living in a tropical place gives you the freedom to paint homes in pastel; pink, lavender, get the idea.

Looks like the Brits left their mark.

Some local children on a field trip. Please click here to hear our incredible taxi driver- he was certainly in the know regarding the comings and goings on the island. We made a quick stop with him to pick up more passengers for our cruise- Bermuda locals (the woman's voice). Please, please, please have a listen- you're in for a treat!

We swam with the dolphins...

Jeff was very fond of the island, the folk, and the driving on the left side of the street...will we be back? It's just an hour and 45 min. flight from New York...I'm crossing my fingers ;)

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"If he comes to my house, i'll break his arms. He won't steal no more from me!"


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