Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Casablanca, Morocco

The internet went down the last time I posted on the I didn't post the 3rd one as promised. Trust me, you didn't miss much! I think the only good thing to come out of Casablanca was my Dad (he was born there), but maybe I'm being a bit harsh. We did not fall in love with this city and it seemed that many of the passengers had some wild stories to tell of their day spent in port. We have one of our own...but I don't have the energy to share it here- ask me about it in person, if you like.

My favorite part- olives! Our tour guide said that a good portion of the population is poor and that many can only afford to eat olives, bread, and mint tea for each meal.

Morocco is a Kingdom and the King stays in this palace when he is in Casablanca. He normally lives in Rabat, the capital city.

A beautifully ornate courthouse (used by the French until 1956)

Hassan II Mosque, it took 12 years and $800 million to make.

Before entering the Mosque one must go to the basement and wash up- I tried taking a potty break, but I prefer to sit down when I use the restroom- thank you very much!

Jeff and our tour guide.

Moroccan mint tea- sorry, not as good as the Moroccan mint latte I used to get at the Coffee Bean in Santa Monica.

We went here to have a traditional Moroccan lunch- Tagine, which is a way of cooking meat in a ceramic dish with a cone shaped lid- I had lamb and it was great. Jeff had couscous and we were both reminded of some of my Dad's cooking.

The field right next to our boat was filled with tons of dogs- these are a mother and two pups.

The Mosque at night as we pulled away. There is a laser at the top which points towards Mecca and can be seen for 45 kilometers.

Ok, glad I'm done with that..the next ports were fabulous!


Kari said...

No fair, I want to hear the story! And I rarely get to see you.... Did you get grabbed? I guess I can just make up stories of what happened to you instead. : )

I've heard about the port cities in Morroco being very frustrating, but it looks beautiful in your photos.

alisha said...

Casablanca sounds intoxicating by your generous description. Can't wait to hear all your stories first in London. Really enjoy reading your travel blog.

Anonymous said...

This trip is so-o-o-o GREAT!!
Now we need the "rest of the story" know all those little wild and crazy Gough tidbits!

heather b said...

it has been great reading your blog! where are you now?

Jenny said...

We're in Rome!

Btw, who is anonymous?

Jenny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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