Thursday, April 24, 2008

Barcelona (said with a lisp)

The last time I was in Barcelona (9 years ago) I loved it! And I still do! This city is a wonderful blend of old & new. It's clean, safe, and beautiful! Apart from all the incredible works of Gaudi, it's also the home of my cousin, Nathalie and her family. We met them half way through the day and they took us out for some delicious tapas and then back to their house for some homemade cake. They were incredibly gracious hosts and the girls were great entertainment. Justine (14) and Chloe (10) thought Jeff had big muscles (he disagrees) and were constantly chanting "Jeffy! Jeffy! Muscles! Muscles!" so that he would show them off. Aren't I lucky girl to have such a buff husband?

There we are to the left of the M. Amy, Jocelyn, or you remember this place? It's the big mall at the end of the pier. I have a photo of us here 9 years ago.

In fourteen hundred and ninety two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue...looking for India- so that's where this statue is pointing.

We stopped by a local market, it puts Pike Place to shame.

Walking up Las Ramblas you can find all sorts of things for sale..I think my favorite are the animal stands- hedgehogs, ferrets, turtles, roosters, etc.

Escalators- outdoors, I love it!

La Sagrada Familia (seen in the center) was Gaudi's life work. When I was here 9 years ago I was too cheap to pay the entrance fee....things were going to be different this time. But alas, it escaped me again...shortly after taking this photo my camera battery died and we spent an hour going back to the boat for my spare. I did have it in time for photos of the family, so all was well.

Park Guell

Justine and Chloe, they're so cute!

Jerome and Nathalie


amyrenee said...

I totally recognized that first picture before you even said it... I totally remember being there!

Do you remember going to IMAX to get out of the cold and everyone falling asleep?

Or, how about staying in that apartment with the woman who found us a the train station?

bryan said...

I wonder why they didn't point the statue towards the real India? Was there a suggestion box?


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