Monday, April 14, 2008

Funchal, Madeira (Portugal)

Good news! Jeff and I slept through the night...after nearly 4 nights of little (jenny) to no (jeff) sleep we went to bed last night after a day in Madeira, Portugal at 8:30pm and woke up at 8:30am. I was woken briefly by the smell of bacon cooking from the floor above us- this is a normal 3:00am occurance, a job I clearly don't envy- but I'm beginning to wonder if simply smelling bacon that early in the morning is any better. I fear our clothes will smell of it when we leave the ship. Bad news! While in New York I felt like my hair loved the city- it was straight, soft, and bouncy...on the contrary, not only does my hair appear to not love the Atlantic..but my face has joined it- anyone have any breakout cures? I can't have bad skin in all of my Europe photos!!!

But enough about that...we were in Funchal, Madeira yesterday and it was beautiful. The only bummer was that it was a Sunday and the shops were closed and the streets were pretty empty. Below you will see photos of the city, a replica of Chris Columbus' Santa Maria, Jeff's new found friend (it's always interesting to encounter animals that clearly do not "speak" English), the incredible hills of this mountainous island, our trip to the supermarket, the empty streets of the city, and our homesick postcard writing! It was a fun day, but we were a bit dead on our feet from lack of sleep and with not too much to do in the city we headed back to the boat by 4:30...I know, how lame. I was very happy to be in touch with her roots (see Rebekah? I found a way to link to you...). We'll be in Lisbon- Portugal's capital city- tomorrow!


Rebekah said...

thanks Jenny :) the update, really beautiful photos!! Sorry about the lack of sleep that could have something to do with the skin issues - fyi toothpaste is a great blemish zapper if you dab a little on before bed, weird but true.

miss you and love you guys, enjoy my "roots"!

CristieMaye said...

i'm loving these posts...i feel like i'm right along side, traveling the world via a monster of a ship. very cool. i'm grateful that you are a blogger. :)

regarding blemishes...make sure to keep drinking a lot of water. you might be dehydrated and not even know it. i notice that i don't drink a lot of fluids when i'm traveling.

anyway, i hope you two continue to have rest-filled nights so you can enjoy your journey.

love you!

katie on the front porch said...

rebekah and cristie took my two suggestions-- sleep and water!

glad you are seeing the sights! i'll be looking for my postcard ;)


Jocy May said...

i look forward to checking your blog because i too feel like i'm on a wonderful journey- great pix lady!

patrice said...

We received a postcard from Jeff from Bermuda today already, Monday, 4/14. Brian arrived last night to be with Lindsey for 15 days - baby Kingston still holding out from being born.
I'm so glad you're sleeping - cut out the naps and go to be tired.
Mom & Dad

Lewy said...

Beautiful! Something about the photos feels very haunting, with no locals, empty streets! Glad you finally got some sleep. FYI we rolled with Lucy Devito in your ride today. :)

Kim said...

I just remembered you were going to post trip pictures. Glad I did! Very fun to keep up with your adventures. Sorry your not sleeping well...maybe you just needed dry ground?! Miss you guys!

La Dolce Vita said...

Nice photos, Jenny & Jeff!

It seems like that cute portuguese dog is veeeery interesting in Jeff's iPhone!!!!! (^_^)

Can't wait to see your next post about Lisbon...

See you very soon! :)))

Casey said...

Glad to hear you guys are finally getting some sleep! :)

These pictures are great Jenny...keep em coming! It's so fun to see what you and Jeff are up to in Europe.

ps. that bib on my blog was from etsy...such cute owl fabric!

Adam said...

I love you two! (even if your complexion is a bit off)

Can't wait to see all the pictures from the Champions League game you are going to attend!!... :) To fit in just go absolutely crazy (Jenny your good at that) and scream, shout and sing as loud as you can (Jeff your are good at that)

btw - you whistle when you DON'T like something, like a bad call (Jeff you've got this one)



patrice said...

We're headed to Kauai; wish there were more posts to read as we might not have email for 10 days. It's windy and freezing cold at home - SNOW is in the forecast for this weekend. Had a lovely birthday lunch with Paula on Wednesday. Kingston Allen Nichols was born the AM of 4/16. Enjoy the last 2/3 of your trip.
Love, Mom

Jenny said...

thanks for the tips y'all- I thought they were working at first, but I apparently have another wave of bad hair is getting better though!

bryan said...

Is Jeff taking that dog's temperature?


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