Friday, April 18, 2008

Obligado (thank you in Portugese)

I'm officially losing track of here's 3 ports back to back. Lisbon, our next stop on this journey proved to be, for lack of a better phrase, a dying city. Our tour guide said less and less people live in the city each year and it appeared that many of the buildings were abandoned or in need of serious repair.

Portugal, in general, is very serious about it's important historical accomplishments in navigation and exploration so Jeff and I were able to visit their Maritime Museum and learn a few interesting things. As for our adventure after the Holland America guided tour..well, Jeff was offered drugs and we also got tricked into paying an outrageous amount for bread, processed cheese, butter, and catfish-like pate- we thought it was complimentary, but $15 later we realized it wasn't...lesson learned: nothing is ever free (at least not in Portugal)!

I did fall in love with their glazed tiles and may just have some ideas that I'll share later on front porch.

On another note, we found out that Madeira was the home of Cristiano Ronaldo- so my vote (in case you're asking) is to visit Madeira if you want a Portuguese experience..or the Azores, I hear they're beautiful!

See the glazed tiles? They come in all sorts of different beautiful styles.

This aqueduct boasts the largest Gothic arches in the world- it's in the Guinness book of world records.

Some local children on a field trip (am I sensing a theme?) They make them wear matching hats, we saw yellow and red too.

A monastary

The bridge was designed by the same engineer that made the Golden Gate Bridge, and the small tower to the right is a miniature replica of the Corcovado in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Holy Spirit Bank....hmmm.

Check out my first video!


patrice said...

Yeah! another post. The weather always seems good. Give Natalie, Jerome, Justine, and Chloe a big hug from us.

bryan said...

Obligado for the updates on your wunderbar trip. Mahoyhoy.

bryan said...

p.s. did you take any pictures of cool cars? and, since you DID, will Jenny let you post them on the blog? Why not?

alisha said...

Dan and I are thinking of going to Portugal this summer so looking forward to your thoughts. Thanks for the warning that Lisbon is a dying city. Do you think it will be revived?

Daryn said...

Hi Jenny - I was googling for "thank you in portugese" and you were on the first page of results!


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