Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow

I got a trim today and decided to do a little something different with my bangs. I'm still getting used to it and I'm not quite sure if it's what I was picturing, but thankfully hair is temporary.

And speaking of hair, I know I promised cyber-space that I would donate my hair to Locks of Love...well, I still intend to but I think I've gotten attached to my longer hair and am thinking of trying it out for a bit more. So, sorry if you were hoping to join me on the hair chopping adventure. I encourage you to go for it on your own...or perhaps you'd like to wait too?

Whew, it feels good to get that of my chest. Now I can go back to eating my mac & cheese with chicken sausage with a clear conscience!


Casey said...

I like your new bangs...they look great! :)

amyrenee said...

Ditto... The bangs are fun!

And, I say stick with the long hair as long as you can. Who cares about kids with cancer, anyway!

( Insert hearty laugh here)

Ryan & Katie said...

I like the bangs - that is how I felt about mine for a while after. by the way, I am still in on the locks of love thing if you are going to do it. I need a change. Oh, and we were in Spokane :)

Brianne said...

Your bangs look fabulous- and I especially love your hair long, it is so beautiful with your facial structure.

Matt & Joey said...

Lovin it. Bangs rock.

CristieMaye said...

i love the bangs too. i cut my a few months ago and have really enjoyed them...except people think i look like zoey deschanel. not crazy about that, but oh well.

i too have decided to wait to chop my hair...i was planning on doing it at the beginning of summer and donating it. i've grown attached and will have to wait a bit. :)

regarding hair, you and i are living parallel lives right now!


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