Thursday, July 10, 2008

10 on 10 :: July :: Typical

I almost forgot about 10 on 10, but thankfully some small part of me is still organized enough to remember which day it is. I'll admit I needed Jeff's help and he used the "new version of the iphone" release date as a point of reference (tomorrow, by the way). So, here I am...and here's a typical day- not too terribly exciting AND I missed my Barnes & Noble trip since I already had a photo for that hour (it happened between 11 & 12).

9 o'clock hour
The view from my sink

10 o'clock hour
An a-typical trip to the gym (this usually only happens about once a week) and our rental Kia since Jeff's car is in the shop

11 o'clock hour
My current weigh in (I was fully clothed AND holding a camera, but it looks like roughly 10 lbs. in 16 weeks...this could get interesting)

12 o'clock hour
Leftovers for lunch

1 o'clock hour

2 o'clock hour
Rearranging our living room (no heavy lifting, just some rag-assisted sliding)

3 o'clock hour
Quilts (the left was a wedding gift and the right was made by my great-grandma Sophie...for my brother)

4 o'clock hour
The pigeon house (this deserves a post of its own)

5 o'clock hour
Finally showered for the day

6 o'clock hour
Jeff's new soccer shoes (I took a nap on the sidelines while he kicked the ball around with friends)


Casey said...

I always look forward to your ten on ten, because you always manage to capture such unique things! :)

amyrenee said...

Are those Le Creuset on your ledge?

amyrenee said...

Oh! And, I want to see some photos of the inside of your house! Looks like it's really turning out cute! :)

heather b said...

yeah. i want to see photos of the inside of your house, too!!

what's with the pigeon house?

shannonjason said...

Thanks for stopping over and visiting my blog and for the well wishes for us. I didn't get my 10 on 10 done because my Daughter is currently very sick and every second I'm home she's attatched to me somehow. Poor Boo. Anyway, sounds like all is going well with your pregnancy, looking forward to hearing how your appointment goes. I have my official U/S on the 30th, but bwing an U/S tech, I've already done some peeking and not only does everything check out great with the baby, but I'm pretty sure we're having a boy. Yea!! Take Care!

Lewy said...

love the new living room arrangement! great 10 on 10, as usual. :)

Jenny said...

yes, they're le creuset petite casserole dishes...a gift from my in-laws for christmas...i'm hoping to make mini-desserts with them but for now they're making lovely window decorations!

and as for photos of the house and a pigeon post...well, I'll work on it!

Prince said...

I love you.


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