Monday, July 21, 2008

Two of my Husband's Favorite Words


And as an almond lover myself, I can't complain! Jeff and I woke up early last Wednesday to do some baking. Almond bread making is a family tradition...actually I think Jeff's Mom is the only other one in the family that makes it besides him (well, and now me). Does that make him a Mama's boy? ;)

I'm very proud of the fact that Jeff has a little baker in him, in fact he bought his own kitchenaid mixer when he was in college for the sole purpose of making almond bread, I can hardly believe it!

So, I promised Jeff I wouldn't post the recipe but he did say I could post these instructional photos...maybe one could guess?

If you're interested in an almond bread substitute: spread almond filling inside the dough of a Pillsbury crescent roll, roll & bake- it's yummy!

There's the little pastry chef now!

We enjoyed it on our back deck in the morning sunshine.


Brianne said...

what a fun morning! That bread sure does look tasty;-) Scott and I made rice krispy treats the other night...less skill required but they were delicious.

amyrenee said...

If you promise me almond bread and sunshiney back porches, I'd come visit more often. :)

Sounds lovely!


my girl hazel said...

WHAT!? That looks amazing. Please convince him that the blogging world NEEDS this recipe!
holy cow!

kaseburg said...

I have the recipe too! Nummy!!!!!!!!! Love you, Aunt Kathy

patrice said...

Did you make the apron you were wearing? I have a tiny sewing project that I'm going to bring to you on Thursday.

Nora (massage therapist) didn't have another appointment until noon so she went with me to the Belle Pastry after my appt. They have gelatto now and we sampled the hazelnut - you and Jeff need to check out their gelatto; I think you'll love it. We also had lattes and desserts.

Jenny said...

hello all! I realized many of you might not know what "almond filling" comes in a can and I added a link to the post so you can see what it looks like. most grocery stores carry it, but it's often hard to spot on the shelf.

good luck deciphering the ingredients..i don't think jeff will let me share ;)

Jeff G said...

I will reveal that it uses chopped walnuts (not almonds).

You could probably already tell that from the picture, but it's worth mentioning as it wouldn't be nearly as appetizing to me if it were full of hard almonds.

La Dolce Vita said...

Jeff and! This bread looks so yummy!!! Wish we could taste week!!!! ;)))


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