Monday, August 25, 2008

Esperanza's Quilt

I mentioned in the below post that Jeff and I went to a baby shower...and we did! It was a shower for our friends Joey & Aubrey who are adopting a little girl from Guatemala. Their daughter, Esperanza, should be in their sweet arms within the next month and we are so very excited for them, it's been a long wait since her birth in November and an even longer wait still since they started this whole process.

This is the quilt I made especially for her and I just love how it turned out- I tried top stitching the chevron pattern all the way through the quilt and think I'll do this again in the near future....since we all know there are quite a few pregnant mommies out there. Did I mention I do custom quilts? ;)


The Courter Family said...

Good work Jenny :) that's a pretty quilt! I bet you're shootin' those suckers out so fast now!!

Rebekah said...

wow that is such a beautiful one Jenny I love the colors and pattern choice! You are one talented pregnant Mommy...

Brianne said...

I sincerely think this is my favorite yet! You are so talented Jenny!

Kimberly said...

I LOVE this one! I'll need to commission similar ones for the girls if/when there room changes. And for all of the preggers ladies (is it weird for me to buy one from you...for you?!)

Mandy said...

That's beautiful, Jenny! You're so talented! Did you make a quilt for your little one yet?

Jenny said...'re funny!

I think I'll be making my own baby quilt...I'm just really excited about that idea. And I have some fabric on order but I'm not exactly sure if I'll use it for my little guy or someone elses ;)

Thanks for the compliments on the quilt...I love each quilt more than the next, it's often hard for me to get rid of them..they're like family!


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