Monday, August 25, 2008

Italian Invasion

I'm reflecting on August as the last days of this summer month are upon us. It's been a full one! And we've been blessed by the many visitors and time spent with family this month has brought.

Our first visitors arrived the night of August 1st after a long trip from Trento, Italy. Mario and Ely! We had the pleasure of staying with them in April and were happy to host them in Seattle just a few months later. I've never seen two more organized travelers and I only wish I had taken a photo of their immaculate journal/planner. Every possible sight was mapped out so that made our job easy. "Mario and Ely, where would you like to go? Well, let's consult the book!"

We began Saturday morning at the Aboretum with a quick tour through the Japanese Gardens.

The coy really liked Jeff

Is this my coy impression?

After the Arboretum we hit up REI, another Seattle hot-spot, and then dropped M&E off at the Space Needle at 12:30 while Jeff and I went to a baby shower. We made plans to meet up with M&E around 5, but they needed a bit more time (they walked from the Space Needle to Pike Place Market, then down to Pioneer Square where they visited the Klondike Gold Rush Museum- I've never even been there- and finished at Smith Tower before meeting us on the Pier at Mario & Ely, I'm impressed with all your walking). Despite all that walking and jet-lag they were still up for a birthday dinner party at Palisade and another amazing view of Seattle's cityscape.

Sunday, Katie and I had another craft fair in Edmonds (the last one is coming up Sept. 7th and despite the poor turn out I think I'm going to do it- come see us behind Arnie's on the waterfront). Jeff took M&E to church and then they joined me on the water where we took the ferry to Kingston for lunch.

Mario mapping out the rest of their Washington adventure

Our shadow from the boat- Jeff is the one waving

Monday was also packed! A necessary trip to Trophey Cupcake where Mario ate 2 cupcakes AND a part of mine ;) followed by a stroll through the Olympic Sculpture Park, a quick run through Costco, a barefoot walk along Alki Beach, a visit to my Dad's shop, a tour of my childhood home, and a relaxing barge ride at Lake Kathleen. I'm exhausted just typing it out!

And Tuesday...they were off! To see more details of their trip check out their blog. We miss you Mario and Ely and know there are still a ton of things for you to do and see the next time you visit!


The Courter Family said...

I like that pic of Jeff and the coy! they probably wanted to EAT is head! 'mmm, large tasty pellet!!' is probably what they where thinking :) ha!

Kimberly said...

The shot of Jeff and the coy is incredible!

La Dolce Vita said...

Hi Jenny!

Thank you again for the wonderful stay in Seattle. We really enjoyed staying with you in your beautiful house. We miss it all already!

We wait for you again here in Italy. Whenever it will be possible!


Mario and Ely


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