Friday, August 29, 2008

The Oregon Coast

Mid-August found us in Oregon with the entire Gough Clan. Seaside was our first stop and as we pulled into the parking garage so did the fog! It had been 93 degrees just 30 min inland but it plummeted down to a whopping 63 degrees by the time we were ready to get out of the car. I'm sorry to report that we didn't see much of the sun that week (and I had thought I'd be laying out by the pool!) but we did enjoy time with the family, great food (and lots of it...I gained 11 lbs. between two doctor visits that were only 4 weeks apart), and a really wonderful time with our nephews. It's hard for me to imagine that by this time next year we'll have two more little ones crawling around!

I hope my nephews parents don't mind me posting a couple pictures of their little cuties...I can't resist. (Also, I didn't take a ton of fact I missed taking photos of Bryan, Rachel, and Steve...sorry!)

Simon getting familiar with technology, making Uncle Jeffy proud

Evan & Kristen- I just love this photo

Fun on the carousel

Fun at Canon Beach

This is what happens when you let the boys take least Haystack Rock is in the background

The view from our deck in Depoe Bay...we saw whales!

Oh, and I'm planting the seed for Sunriver next year (or at least sometime soon)...Central Oregon is usually very sunny, dry, and there are tons of activities to do; bike trails, swimming pools, horses, river rafting, ice cream shops, obsidian forest, outlet get the idea. Just a thought!


Kimberly said...

Fun! I love the shot of you three "sisters" and can't believe how old Simon looks!

Katie, Ryan, and Sean said...

Looks like a great time despite the weather! Thanks for sharing the photos!

kaseburg said...

Looks like SO much fun! Don't you just love those moments that you can cherish forever?!

I can't wait to see you guys!


Casey said...

I'm sad I'll never get to see Oregon before we looks gorgeous! And all your pics are amazing, as always :) It's fun to see bits of your trip.

Angela said...

We just got back from Depot Bay like 2 days ago!! I love the OR coast too- it's always so refreshing to be at the ocean- looks like you all had a fab time! :-)

amyrenee said...

If one of the babies is squeezing Paula's face, is that the grandma equivalent of being wrapped around one's pinky?

In any case, I think the Gough Grandkids are pretty darn cute...

But, not as cute as the Gough-to-be!

Shauna said...

My family used to go to sunriver every summer for a big gathering...we'd rent several houses - it was a total blast!! DO IT! Just don't ride your bikes through the tunnels...there are bike cops at the other end and they WILL give you a ticket (even if you're only 12 years old).


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