Tuesday, September 02, 2008

August :: Nordic Heritage Museum

Somewhere along the way, Jeff and I decided we would like to visit a museum once every month. August seemed like the right time to start and why not the Nordic Heritage Museum that's only 4 blocks away?

Has anyone been there? I was completely blown away! Maybe my expectations were low...that's usually how I approach life- a pessimistic optimist, never disappointed and often pleasantly surprised. At any rate, it was wonderful and I highly recommend it. They did an excellent job with the aesthetics and there were plenty of things to learn if you are interested in reading every little sign (we sifted through it). I also enjoyed learning about our little town and how it was established, our house was built in 1900 and it's amazing to think about what this area looked like then and who might have lived in this very spot! Actually it creeps me out a bit, so I won't think about it long...

On our way to the museum we passed by this place...the location of Kyle & Kristen's wedding reception. We never realized how close it is to our house!

We saw this map and fell in love with it...we'd love it for the baby's room, but can't find a replica anywhere.

I think we'll try the Seattle Art Museum next, but we'll be in San Francisco next week so we may hit one up there.


Prince said...

It's rewarding to find out about one's heritage...and that includes where we live, too. It makes me want to move to a location with some history just so I can find out about it.

Hopefully, my next visit to see you will coincide with one of your museum trips. It's a great idea.

Casey said...

What a great idea! I've always been a museum fan myself. :)

And that map would be an adorable addition to the baby Gough nursery. Is there a name on it anywhere? I have a friend from college that is absolutely obsessed with old maps, and she's pretty good at tracking them down!

La Dolce Vita said...

In San Francisco there is beautiful modern art museum, designed by the architect Mario Botta. It worths a visit!

And don't forget the Klondike Gold Rush Museum near Pioneer Square in Seattle. That's quite another nice overview of the past that our ancestors experienced in person!

Pat said...

Have you visited the Renton museum?


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