Thursday, September 04, 2008

24 Weeks- Pregnancy Update

Well, I've gained some weight ;) My last doctors visit was two weeks ago and the key phrase she said to me was, "well, if you gain another 8-10 lbs by next visit then we'll have to talk"- ha!

The one good thing about "extra" padding is that it helps lessen the blow when you fall...and I had a bit of a spill in the shower the other day...I kind of just hit my back and then caught myself before I went all the way down. The shower curtain was part of the collateral damage, but ultimately no harm done. I've been feeling the baby kicking a lot too..I apparently woke him up!

I've still been feeling great at 24 weeks and am amazed that in just three short weeks I will be entering the third trimester. We're so unprepared! But we've been slowly getting things ordered for the nursery, attempting to register for necessities, planning the quilt I'll be making, etc. I was actually introduced to a very helpful book that I'd be happy to lend out once I'm through- Baby Bargains- I highly recommend it.

Here are some of my stats:

Baby's Heart Rate: 146- 150
Measured 21.5 weeks at 22 weeks (so right on track)
And they measured my cervix (I had been experiencing a lot of Braxton Hicks) so it was 3.9 - 4.2, but that doesn't mean I was dialated or anything, it's a different measurement that's totally within the normal range.

I'm also getting quite excited about the nursery and wanted to share a glimpse at the color scheme and the crib we ordered...

These frames were already sold on Etsy, and maybe a bit too feminine..but the color combo was just perfect for what I've been envisioning- gold/yellow, olive green, and blue/grey/turquoise. We'll likely be getting things that fall inline with this colorway.

And here's the crib we ordered...all white with yellow cubbies. I haven't actually seen it in person, but I think it will work nicely and I'm thinking maybe brown crib sheets? It's just that we just registered for a brown rocker/glider and I need to tie it in somehow ;)

And I'm oh so proud of the curtains I own design that I'm hoping to duplicate for our windows on the main floor. Isn't the print and color just perfect?


Shauna said...

Those curtains are great!! Nice work. :-)

I can't believe you're already 24 weeks - WOWSERS! You are a super cute pregnant gal, I love the dress w/belt above your bump. Very cute.

Jenny said...

Two words Shauna (well, one word and one number)...Forever 21! It's my new favorite maternity store and with the fall coming up they're starting to have more sweaters and things...

Brianne said...

Jenny- nice work on everything. I do not think you are way will all fall into place before you know it! I adore the color scheme and the curtains are "so Jenny" I love it! Please be careful- I worry about those stairs of yours all the time...I almost slipped in the tub the other day too, do hormones make us less coordinated?

simonsenfamily said...

Love seeing a glimpse of the baby's room. Lookin' cute in that sweater!!

Kimberly said...

Fun! All of it. Your looking preggers beautiful (as usual) and the room is going to look incredible. This was always my most favorite baby time- with lots of movement. Such a special connection that only you and you're little guy have together. Enjoy goes by so fast!

Jeff G said...

Great post! Be sure to continue keeping all of us in blog-land abreast of your cervix!

CristieMaye said...

i love the color combo for the nursery. very good colors. i can't believe you are so far along already! he'll be here before you know it. :)


Shauna said...

On Bri's ya, I've been bumping into things like crazy lately. We're talking name it, I'll bump into it.

Jesse said...

Can you share a tutorial about how you made those curtains? I would love to know how!!



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