Tuesday, September 30, 2008

28 weeks- I Can't Sleep!

I've gotten into a horrible sleep-pattern the last couple of weeks. I have no problem falling asleep, I just keep waking up around 4:30 and then can't get comfortable. I usually toss and turn until 8:30, but today I broke down and got up at 5:45. Anyone have any suggestions?

I will say I've been rather productive thus far (dishes, laundry, thank you notes) and it's kind of tempting to turn this schedule into my routine. Perhaps God is preparing me for mothering a newborn...the more I get used to this schedule the easier it might be in a few months. Wow, a FEW months is true. Today marks the end of my 28th week- only 12 more to go! Again, I say..wow!

So, here are some belly shots I thought I'd share...I was trying to show how lopsided my belly gets when I have a braxton hicks. Apparently this baby likes to hang out on the right side of my torso. I don't think the picture shows it as well as out of whack as it really is, so perhaps I'll give it a go again down the road. The second shot is of me flexing my stomach muscles. It's pretty hilarious when I try to do a sit-up- ok, I don't really do sit-ups, but that's the movement I'm making! My belly button puckers and my entire belly looks like a pyramid. Jeff thought this might be too personal for a blog...but it's just my stomach, so I hope no one minds.

We also purchased a rug for the baby's room...and I know what you're thinking...it's not gold, olive, or turquoise. You were thinking that, right? Well, not that I'm going to go crazy with orange...but I couldn't resist this one when my options were yellow (thought that might be overkill), brown (would clash with the brown glider), or orange.

Oh, and an update on my heart. I saw the cardiologist yesterday and I've been hooked up to a Holter monitor for 24 hours. Thankfully my heart did its "thing" while at the doctors office and she was able to tell that it was some sort of ventricular arrhythmia, which she said is very common (she has one) and almost always benign. She's being very thorough, which I appreciate, so today when I drop off the monitor I'm also having an echocardiogram. I really feel a great sense of peace about it all...but a little prayer never hurts so if you think of me at 3:00 feel free to put in a good word for me ;)

Ok, I think that's enough for one morning. The sun is rising, maybe I'm ready for a nap.


Pat said...

You are too funny! How about playing a movie; you like to sleep through those....

kristen gough said...

love the belly shots, jenny. :) and that rug looks incredible! the orange is so fresh, and the pattern is great. glad to hear that your cardiologist is being thorough, and that it doesn't seem to be anything serious.

if you're up early tomorrow, let's go get coffee together! hope you're enjoying a nice long nap right now. :)

Jenny said...

Yes Kristen, if I'm up early I'll text you (just in case YOUR sleeping) ;)

Shauna said...

Way cute belly pics and I love the orange rug!!

Maybe you should take up knitting in the early morning hours....that might put you back to sleep anyway.

Brianne said...

I did pray for you today- I hope the visit went well!
Your Mom stole my sleep aid idea...you do snooze well through most movies ;-)

Lynnea said...

Hi there! I love that I am reading this at 5 in the morning...that might tell you something! Thanks for a GREAT dinner, we enjoyed it and it was a first for me. Sweet of you to think of us while you are busy preparing for your new little one. Daniel and I both started waking up at 5am a few months ago...but I have to say now I mostly learn to go back to sleep when possible! If not, I'll be up if you get bored!! :)

simonsenfamily said...

No sleep? I would suggest a glass of wine and hot bath... but we're not in Europe are we?

Ok, I'll admit. When it got REALLY bad (like a week with no good sleep) I did the wine and hot bath. It worked like magic.


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