Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hello October!

I like you...and I'm not just saying that because my birthday is in this month. ;)


├čianca• said...

Then, happy b-day

KIJI said...

I found this site by google (I was looking for a content completly different :) more serious).
Therefore, I write a comment because I like saying "Happy birthday" but also because i look at some of your photographies. They look very professional! Bravo!

So before leaving and continuing on my "cyber road" looking for more serious matters, I say you Happy birthday

kristen gough said...

beautiful autumn wreath, jenny! ...and i loved your post over at the front porch blog... very excited about the scarflettes! i imagine it is so inspiring to have your very own studio space, with a great coffeehouse right across the street, and loved ones nearby. :) good luck on perfecting your design. your prototype looks great!

CristieMaye said...

very cute. i can't believe it is already october! wow!

Jesse said...

Jenny - where do you get such a fun autumn wreath for the front door??!

Casey said...

Ohhhh October is my favorite month too...there is just something about breathing in the crisp autumn air, and drinking apple cider!

Jenny said...

jesse...glad you asked! I had seen a great one at Pottery Barn for $70 and was convinced by Katie that I could make with every intention of trying I headed into JoAnn's and saw they had a ton of wreaths, all ready to go, and they were half off. I got this beauty for $15! I probably would have spent even more for supplies so I thought I made out pretty good ;)


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