Friday, September 19, 2008

Bon Voyage Vissers!

Well, I know you've technically made it past the voyage part of your move back to Michigan (just read about it on facebook) but I meant to post these photos earlier this week.

We were sad to see you go, but know that living close to family is a huge blessing! So we rejoice with you as you settle into your new home nestled between both of your families.

I'm posting both of the "girl" photos (sorry Eli & Evan) because of course Jeff only took two with my camera and didn't manage to get everyone smiling at once. Perhaps one of you ladies might have a better one to share?

God bless your sweet family- Tom, Casey, and baby Cora. I WILL be keeping in touch, it's one of my specialties.


Casey said...

Oh Jenny, thank you so much for EVERYTHING you have done for us while we lived in Seattle. You are by far one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met :)

Your pictures turned out a bit better than mine, but as soon as I hunt up our computer from the move I'll send you them.

And yes, we must keep in touch...perhaps I'll have to cave soon and do my blog again....

Brianne said...

These pictures are HILARIOUS!

Libby said...

Jenny, do you mind if I steal the family picture one ? I don't have any of them together as a fam.

Thanks !

Jenny said...

libby- of course you can take it? did you need me to send you it in an email? or can you just right click and save?


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