Sunday, September 21, 2008

26 Weeks

I promised my friend Gigi that I'd post another belly shot. This time Jeff wasn't home so I had to take measures into my own hands.

Here I am at 26 weeks, just shy of finishing up my second trimester. At my doctors appt. this thursday my belly measured 25.5 centimeters, one centimeter smaller than I should be (fine by me! I'm hoping for a 7.5 pounder...not the 9.5 pounders my sisters-in-law had last Fall) but certainly in the normal range. The baby's heartrate was 152 and all seems to be going well.

I did want to document the negative side effects I've had this pregnancy since I know I keep saying how amazing I feel and really, that's mostly true. I have, however, had my fair share of calf cramps that are often a rude awakening several times a week. I also do not have the one "pregnant benefit" I was so looking forward that doesn't fall out! I still shed like crazy- ugh! And lastly, I've been having some irregular heartbeats several times a day that last for about 5-10 minutes. We even listened to them with our new stethoscope (yes, I am the type of person to own medical supplies even if I don't have a medical degree). My doctor isn't too terribly concerned about it, but has recommended I see a cardiologist before my next appt. in three weeks. So, wish me luck!

We've also been slowing putting together the pieces of the nursery...quite literally, this is a dresser from Ikea that we put together this last week. The changing pad is something we're borrowing from Rebekah- thanks! We love it!

Lastly, I wanted to document these lovely dahlias (which I'm having to throw out today) from my Great Uncle Leonards immaculate garden. He is such an inspiration to me, not only because of his incredible green thumb, but also because of his generous and kind spirit. I adore him, and I'm not sure he even realizes it...probably because I'm not the only one ;) I mentioned in one of my comments on a previous post that the day I came by for dahlias he also gave me: apples (which I turned into applesauce), plums (which I ate raw and then turned into plumsauce- there were a lot), tomatoes (which I've enjoyed on salads), and blueberries & rhubarb (which I turned into a crisp). I can't wait to start my own garden next spring and I'm sure I'll be asking him for pointers.

Hope everyone has a great week, I'm looking forward to spending some time in the studio ;)


alisha said...

Great belly shot! I love the dahlia's as well. You're pregnancy countdown also works as a Christmas countdown- you should think about doing a paper link chain that you cut off each day!

Shauna said...

I got hit with the calf cramp thing this past Thursday night. I woke up screaming, jumped out of bed and found that I could not stand on my leg. I haven't ever had a cramp that bad...and to add to the's still cramped. If I flex, it's really tight... I keep trying to stretch it, but it doesn't go away. I'm just thankful it's not cramped as bad as it did that night - though I know it's bound to happen again.

Brianne said...

I hope your cardiologist appt goes well- I will add it to my prayer list ;-)

katie on the front porch said...

you look great in that picture! and i feel ya on the calf cramping. these days i'm so tired in the middle of the night, i think i notice it less!

kristen gough said...

i love the belly shot, too, jenny! nice work. i'm sorry to hear about your heart...keep us posted about how things go with the cardiologist!

your dresser for the nursery looks great!

and it is fun to imagine your backyard with a thriving fruit and vegetable garden. thanks for sharing tastes of the sauces and crisp with was all so delicious!


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