Monday, October 20, 2008

10 Year High School Reunion

We did it! Saturday night after the shower Jane, Jeff and I found ourselves at our 10 year high school reunion with about 50-60 of our fellow classmates (a poor turnout if you ask me).

No huge surprises, reconnected with a couple of people I forgot I liked so much, and found out that we now live 13 blocks from Jane's old prom date!

It was a good, but exhausting weekend- I'm ready for a long nap!

Here are a couple of photos of Jane and I having a REALLY good time at the reunion (they were the only photos I took).


lindsey said...

fun. i hope i will be able to go to mine when it comes time.

Jason said...

Is that Johnna Gammon?

Jenny said...

i don't even know who that is..."that" is Jane ;)


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