Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What do you do all day?

I get this question a lot...I think it's because I left my job BEFORE we had children and even BEFORE I was pregnant. So, I thought I'd write down a somewhat typical day...

- woke up at 4:00 to go to the bathroom...was scared I'd stay awake but was able to fall back asleep
- woke up at 9:15 and stayed in bed until about 10:00 playing with my iphone (this was later than usual, for sure)
- ate a grapefruit
- dropped a prescription off at Bartell's and realized they'd have it done in 15 minutes so I maximized my time
- ran across the street and dropped off a library book
- went to JoAnn's for fabric and some trim
- back to Bartell's to pick up the prescriptions and do a little shopping (toiletries for myself and Katie for our hospital/labor/delivery bags)
- stopped by the house before my lunch date to take care of laundry and dishes
- lunch with Katie (poor thing is still on bed rest...and open to visitors and food deliveries if you're looking for something to do!) and Jocelyn- we pushed up our typical Tuesday night dinner to lunch since Joce is out of town starting tomorrow
- stayed at Katie's for 3 hours- had a great time!
- U-Village for some retail-therapy (Anthropologie, Land of Nod, Village Maternity) and to run a couple of errands for Katie (a pleasure!)
- treated myself to Starbucks new salted caramel hot cocoa (thanks Paula for the birthday gift card)- this was delicious, but I'd recommend the short as the tall got a little too rich and I think it's better to be left wanting more rather than overdo it and feel nauseous
- back at home around 5:15 to put things away and start dinner- pasta with meat sauce and caprese salad
- dinner with Jeff & Adam
- more laundry
- handy work in the nursery (bookshelves are up, as well as a W hook I purchased at Anthro)- photos to come later
- paid bills
- talked with Jane on the phone (I miss her!)
- now it's 11:00 and I'm blogging...I'm about to fill up the tub and take a little bath before bed

A great day! And maybe a little more errand running than usual...but at least once a week my day looks a lot like this.

As for tomorrow? I already have the following on the docket:

- gym
- target
- safeway
- studio
- prenatal yoga
- getting caught up on Heroes at Jason & Latecia's

Oh, and today I'm 31 weeks...I've been feeling the baby a lot these past couple of days, but he's definitely still feet down....turn baby, turn! I know I have until 36 weeks but I'm starting to worry!


Shauna said...

I wish I didn't work... I never run errands....I don't cook. I have a hard time getting the energy up to clean.........because I'm so tired after work and just want to chill out. I don't know how people do it...the ones who work and do all the errands and cooking and cleaning....I just don't have time for it and I certainly don't want to make the time for it after work. Blah. I write this from a hotel room in Santa Clara where I'm surrounded by nerds until the moment I close my hotel room door. Oh joy. I'm bored.

Jenny said...

Shauna- I totally understand! I felt the same way when I was working. Who has the energy to be an incredible employee/career woman AND a homemaker? Darn women's lib!!!

I certainly have it pretty easy and I'm so thankful for it...but I'm proud of you for doing it all and know that soon you may get to change YOUR lifestyle too ;)

At least there's cable at the hotel, right? We don't even have basic!!

Angela said...

ok sounds weird- but there's a position where you get down on all four's and rock your pelvis and it can help to turn the baby...ask your Dr. about it and see what they say- I've heard it works!!

Kimberly said...

I still get this questions a lot! And I'm SO busy all day every day. I guess people have there dreams about what they might do if they didn't "go" to work and wonder if it's true?! Funny that you posted this though. Poor Katie...good thing she has a great friend to help her (bed rest would be frustrating I imagine).

ilse said...

That sounds wonderful - I wish i had time to be more crafy like you - i know that is work to, but after I get home from my 9-5 job, I just want to be lazy and watch biggest loser :)

Brianne said...

So- what is it you do again? ;-)
Jenny, you are truly a blessing to your community,you always are one of the first people to offer help in whatever capacity is needed!


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