Thursday, October 02, 2008

Simon & Sylvia

Can you believe they once looked like this?

And now look at them! Too cute!


Rebekah said...

so cute but seriously Simon needs a haircut dosen't he..I just love his after bath curls that totally flatten when he sleeps, a woman called him a girl this past week - woops!
Thanks for loving these two plus their siblings so well auntie Jenny I know Kim and I are very excited that you are joining Mommy ranks soon!!

kristen gough said...

love it! they couldn't be more adorable.

Shauna said...

Great picture Jenny! Those two are super cute and you captured the moment real well. :)

Kimberly said...

Thanks for taking the pics. They were having such a blast and you definitely caught it! (I got teary eyed looking back at the comparison picture too...our little babies are so big).
Rebekah's're such a great Aunt (and sort of-almost Aunt to mine too?) and we can't wait for you to enjoy these incredible moments with your own (Wesley?) baby. And for us to enjoy them too!

Katie, Ryan, and Sean said...

Wow! crazy how fast they grow. Just think a a couple years that will be your kid that has grown up so fast! Crazy!!


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