Monday, November 24, 2008

Big Boy Crib!

This lovingly colored sketch was a gift from Simon, who himself was a preemie and has a special place in his heart for Wes. It hangs above his big boy bed. Yep, that's right...Wesley is out of the isolette and into a crib. AND maintaining his temperature nicely, might I add.

Here is his little bed...he sleeps with Alfred, a horse that Uncle Chris G. picked out- thanks Chrissy.

Daddy with the gavage tube. Gavage is French for "cram" or "stuff". It goes through his nose into his little stomach. Wesley doesn't mind much...but we're hoping he'll figure out eating orally soon- that's kind of the final puzzle piece before he can go home.

The little smiler. He's been smiling a ton lately. I tried to capture the big open-mouth grin but this was as close as I got.

And if you haven't been to the blog in awhile, don't forget to check out the video below.


Casey said...

Yay! He really is doing so well isn't he? Wish we could be there to meet him, but as I have been missing Seattle lately I'm sure we'll visit sometime soon. :)

Elena said...

Jenny, Wes is so sweet! I'm dying to hold him, and once I do I may never put him down! I'm crying right now, feeling especially emotional (missing my own grandsons). Jeff is going to be a great daddy. What a cute picture...Hope to see you all soon. Love from the B.Bunch :)

kristen gough said...

great news! way to go, wesley!

these photos are so great, jenny. we're looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Pat said...

Jenny, remember to post the notes Wes writes his Daddy and I loved the one he left for me yesterday.

Mandy said...

oh my word, he looks so much like a gough in that smiling picture! what a cutie! And yay for out of the isolette.

Katie, Ryan, and Sean said...

So much to be thankful for this week! Good job indeed Wes! That picture of him smiling is too cute - I have actually noticed smiles in other pictures . . . happy little guy. Hope you have a good thanksgiving despite the surroundings, but at least you will be "home with Wes"

Kimberly said...

Go Wes! That's great news.

And what cute pics.

It will be so great when you get to take him home and settle in to life as a little family. Looks like that will be really soon!

CristieMaye said...

he is SO cute! ity bity cute.

the bath video was so cute. i can't believe how mellow he is in the bath. that is great!

keep up the good work.

love you!

Brianne said...

Good work Momma, I know he will keep getting stronger and stronger with all those long hours you are putting in :-)


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