Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Words from Wesley

That little stinker seems to be sneaking into our room when no one's looking (I'll have to speak to the nurses about that).

He may have Daddy's forehead (hopefully I'll be able to capture a comparison photo soon) but it looks like he has Mommy's handwriting ;)

Doesn't Shauna call her cat Sir Wesley? Oh well. Meme DID really help Mama out- thanks Mom!

Grandma AND Grandpa came this day...a surprise for Wesley while Daddy was getting 5 teeth filled at the dentist. Grandma got to hold him during his gavage feeding- a treat for all, I think! Oh, and on another note...this is also the day (yesterday) that I found out my incision is infected and I've started taking antibiotics. The good news is that I'm no longer spiking a fever every night- something I attributed to "hormones." It was kind of a rough day for our little family but everyone seems to be doing well now!

And that brings us to today...Wes was feeling confident, as he should be...he's already finished 2 whole bottles and was rooting at the last feeding when he was supposed to be gavage fed- so we followed his cues and let him bottle feed, he only finished 36 mls (46 is his obligatory amount), but it was a great effort!

The nurses are always talking about a "switch" that gets "flipped"- one day he'll wake up and just want to eat. I think we're looking at more of a dimmer switch and the room just got a little bit brighter ;)

The neonatalogist said he's being a "typical white male," apparently african female preemies do the best at thriving and having the drive to eat. I wonder what this says about society- have white males become too privileged? Just a thought. I even joked before the c-section that we'd be hoping for an african female but that I was pretty sure we were having a white male ;) I love our little white male, I wouldn't have it any other way.

And he's coming home...eventually. Until then, we'll enjoy our stay here, especially since we won't have heat or water at our house until Wednesday (we're getting a new furnace and tankless water heater). See? God always has a plan. Cross you fingers for Wednesday everyone!

God bless you tonight and Happy Thanksgiving in advance!


lindsey said...

I love this, how creative! I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope Wesley comes home soon!

CristieMaye said...

happy thanksgiving to you and your family!! i'm so thankful that you update your blog with all the latest news on wes. i love it!

katie on the front porch said...

you are such a good mama! i'm glad you're taking pictures of the little notes so that you can record his milestones and progress.

as far as the "night sweats"-- you have me worried! does this mean i should be taking my temperature?

can't wait to hang out today and catch up in person!

love you,

Jenny said...

oh no, i'm still sweating and THAT is definitely hormones, or so I've been told.

Prince said...

I love this new Gough familly! And did I notice a "Willow" reference?? Jeff is Dada! Are you Kya...and Wesley is one of the little bobins?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Casey said...

Hope your incision heals quickly! I had the same problem with mine, not so nice.

Love to see all these notes, perfect for the baby book! :)

Angela said...

Hi Jenny! I really, really have enjoyed reading about your little guy - and I just love the pictures you've shared! A few of them this morning as I was looking brought some tears to my eyes...I remember being back in the Pediatric unit with my newborn son soon after he was born...all the emotions I felt...and what you must be feeling as well. You've been in my prayers hun, every single day. I know we don't know each other that well, but somehow this little blogging community helps us to get to know one another, and I thank you for sharing this special time in your lives with us. I'm praying for your healing...and for that little guy to want to eat on his own so you all can go home and set up your Xmas tree soon :-) hugs, Angela


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