Saturday, November 08, 2008


Anyone know anything about mushrooms? I'm sure these aren't edible...but if they were, we could have some good eats over here! These popped up in our yard this week, actually A LOT of these- yikes! Should I pick them? Spray them? What does this say about our soil?

This weekend Jeff and I are attending the Bringing Baby Home workshop at our church. We're trying to get as prepared as possible! Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


Elena said...

Those are quite interesting looking. Mike believes they are called Fariy Ring. Not sure though if they are edible or not. You could google it.....

Kari said...

Yes, they do look like Fairy Rings mushrooms, which are edible and apparently delicious.

From "all that the rain promises" by David Arora

Marasmius oreades:
1. Growing in groups or rings in grass
2. Cap small (<2" broad), often with a large blunt knob at the center.
3. Cap whitish to tan, bald, not sticky
4. Gills white to pale tan, fairly well spaced and broad (deep), not running down the stalk.
5. Stalk thin (around 1/8") tough, pliant
6. Veil, ring, volva absent
7. Spores white

You only eat the cap, the stems are tough. I would have them identified by someone experienced before I ate them though!

Kari said...

ps. I'd love to see a photo of their undersides. hmm...that sounds sort of dirty.

Katie, Ryan, and Sean said...

wish I knew more about fungi . . . I don't think it says much about your soil though . . they are decomposers, so they are eating any dead organic matter in your yard (fallen leaves, logs, etc.). That is about my extent of knowledge.

Pat said...

Dad says they are past their prime - once they start curling, they're old. Your soil is fine. Dad did find a few chantrelles that we had with lamb Saturday night and he made a nice chantrelle omlette for the two of us this morning...
Plus he says you shouldn't eat any mushrooms while you're pregnant though.

katie on the front porch said...

three things--

1. hope the class went well-- did you steal extra handouts and take good notes for me?

2. that picture is awesome

3. listen to your father! i started freaking out when you asked if those mushrooms were edible!

Jenny said...

yeah, yeah...I wasn't really planning on eating them NOW...but maybe next year? And maybe after someone else tries them first ;)


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