Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Doula Juana

Yesterday we had to say farewell to was a sad day. Mommy cried and Wesley pooped his pants :(

Jane was here for two short weeks and we can't wait for her to come back again in August (maybe sooner?) Wes, Jeff, and I are so lucky to have a dear, loving, encouraging, loyal friend.

Jane- come back! (btw, I just watched Heart & Souls and thought of you)

This trip was full of a lot of fun and a couple of firsts- first time at the Locks and first time at the Space Needle for both Wesley AND Jane. We also enjoyed a few walks around Ballard, The Bachelor at Katie's, and many movie nights courtesy of Netflix on the XBox (favorites: Like Father Like Son & Beastmaster ;)).

What were some of your favorite memories with Wes?

We miss you terribly.


At the Locks

Space Needle

I just realized we didn't do face masks OR get a picture of the two of time!


katie on the front porch said...

pictures #2 and #3 are so great-- jenny, i'm so glad you have such a generous, spirited, humble, devoted friend! and, i'm so glad i get to spend time with her when she comes to visit!

Rebekah said...

I love you too Jane and was bummed that we didn't get to see you this time around! I've always admired your friendship, there is just something about a friend who has walked with you through several stages of life - they are rare and precious!

fun that we both posted about our BFF today! I miss you by the way Lady and would love to get together and catch up ourselves it has been far too long! xo

kristen said...

these are such gorgeous shots of jane, jenny. you have captured so many fun moments and expressions of your dear friend. i loved reading this post!

it was wonderful to see you, jane! i keep saying that i hope you move back up here. you are joy to be around, and i too am looking forward to your next visit!

lindsey said...

I LOVE that picture of the Space Needle! Very cool :)

Prince said...

I had a wonderful, Wesley, Washington time!! I loved meeting little Wes and being his doula. He is such a little big boy and I love him. I also love you, Jenny, so darn much and feel blessed beyond my capacity to understand. You are very dear to me. I love every moment spent in Seattle, but these two weeks were very special. Thank you for sharing your home and family with me. Your generous and kind nature give me such joy. I loved spending time with Katie and Jocelyn and The Bachelor...but mostly just the time spent chatting and talking about how adorable Isaiah and Wes are. The only disappointment I felt was not being able to see Rebekah and her boys...and Kristen's little Evan...but I did love hearing some great stories about them :) I better get myself up there soon before they get too big. Rebekah and Kristen, thanks for being such great sisters to Jenny...I know she loves you both so much and is grateful for your support. And you always make me feel so welcome when I am near you. Katie, in the past when I would think of you or talk about you to someone here in San Diego you were "Jenny's friend Katie"...but I just told my mom about spending time with you and I realized that I said "my friend Katie." I am so glad I'm getting to know you better each time. You definitely are my friend...and a great one at that! Love you all!

alisha said...

Very nice pics and Jane's bangs are so cute!

Elena said...

Nice post, Jane looks great.


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