Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Two Month Check Up

Last Thursday Wes had his 2 month appt. Here are his stats:

Height: 22 inches (10-25th %)
Weight: 9lb 7oz (10th %) *last month they put him on the wrong chart...he wasn't in the 50th %, it was the 5th ;) I knew something seemed crazy!
Head: 38 cm (10th %)

I adore this little boy...especially the way his toes make cute little balls on the underside. Don't you just want to eat this foot?


Rebekah said...

they are the perfect little baby toes!
I knew something was up when you said he was in the 50% last time..5% makes much more sense! Looks like he was exactly Levi's birth weight and height at his two month - ha ha...seriously now you know how crazy it was to go from a tiny baby to a big boy :) I must hold him soon!!

kristen said...

i love this photo...perfect toes indeed! we're missing all of you and hope to see you soon!

kaseburg said...

Wow, he is doing great! I'm not too sure about eating his foot (LOL!) but it sure is a beautiful picture. I should have had you as our photographer for Thad. What wonderful photos you take! You have an amazing eye.

Prince said...

I'd like to mention that his foot is accented by my pajama pants that I have owned as long as Jenny and I have been friends...I love this boy's feet!!

Mandy said...

This is a definite framer, Jenny! so cute!

Elena said...

Your funny Jenny, I used to say that all the time about Lindsey and the boys, "I just want to eat your feet"!
I love baby feet and Wes' are definetly cute!

Casey said...

what cute little piggies!


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