Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Few More

I can't get enough of these dancing shots from our wedding...or of sweaty Jeff ;)

Check out Jeff in the background. Is he asking someone to dance?

Kevin Menard was one of Jeff's biggest "partners in crime"- who knew that boy could dance? ;)

I also had no idea that 9 tre was there...

Ta da!

Our great escape...I'm having fun going down memory lane, can you tell? And I just keep thinking..."wow, I was so skinny!"


amyrenee said...

It was a fun day, Jenny!

And, you just had a baby... don't compare yourself to your wedding day glory just yet!

Jocy May said...

You know I had fun dancing! And yes, little Miss Thang, you JUST had a baby and you're STILL skinnier than me so feel good about that!! :)


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