Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Remembering Our Wedding Reception

Yesterday was our second wedding anniversary and Steve and Paula were kind enough to watch Wesley while Jeff and I went to dinner at parents had given us a gift certificate and Steve & Paula also offered some $ for the occasion so we were covered! Thanks guys!

While at dinner last night I asked Jeff what his favorite part of our wedding was and he said...the dancing! Ha ha! I remember him, and several others drenched in sweat. I liked the dancing too, but I got completely exhausted towards the end there and found myself wondering where the get-away car was. Oh, and he also said his other favorite part was getting to Willows Lodge and realizing it was all finished, now that is something I was definitely happy about (all the planning and anxiety a distant memory)!

Other memories from the reception:

- I had this perfect picture of our entrance into the reception after we were done signing all the papers. We had asked the DJ to announce our entrance and Jeff and I would descend down the grand staircase of the old barn. I had even put this moment on the "must photograph" list for our photographer. Unfortunately, everything the DJ said came out totally garbled and inaudible (the entire night) I just said, "forget it, let's go" and Jeff and I descended to a group of family and friends who were busy mingling and enjoying the appetizers- backs towards us...and from the back of the room I saw our photographer running with the camera in his hands, high above the crowd, snapping winners. He apologized, and I got over it ;)

- Callie, my maid of honor, gave a toast that talked about how I am like a sister to her. In fact, she has a sister named Jenny, who is married to a man named Jeff, and their last name is spelled G-O-U-G-E...crazy! (on a side note- they have a daughter who they named Rebekah)

- I was shocked by how many people danced, and for how long it went on. Even though the DJ couldn't be understood he played great, danceable music and I think everyone had a wonderful time. And like I said earlier...Jeff danced like a maniac.

- The cakes were yummy! No one thought it was a good idea when I said I wanted chocolate cake with peppermint flavored frosting but the combo was incredible. And of course we had the Gough Boy favorite- German Chocolate!

- I put on my Uggs, in traditional Jenny fashion, and waited for the car to arrive (like I said, I was exhausted) while the DJ played "I had the time of my life" as the final song.

- We left to a sea of sparklers.

It was truly the perfect wedding (minus the fire alarm, story found here)! I'm also so excited to be celebrating another wedding this May- Jeff's brother, Bryan, is getting hitched!

And in honor of our 2nd wedding anniversary I gave Jeff a version of the traditional "cotton" gift- I ironed all of his cotton dress shirts ;) Oh, and I made cupcakes...german chocolate, and chocolate mint (which consisted of york peppermint patties hidden inside)

I can't believe it's already been two years, two houses, and 1 sweet baby boy. Love you!


Rebekah said...

Congratulations you two, what an awesome post about such an awesome night!!
I too remember the dancing and how I got so crazy, that was the first night I consider that I could possible be pregnant again :) was seriously unforgettable!

I didn't realize you had come up with the peppermint chocolate cake, I dream about that cake it was sooo good!!

it has been fun and exciting watching you guys build your family and I am looking forward to all this next year holds for you both!
Love you guys, happy number 2!!

Rachel said...

It WAS a perfect wedding!! Congratulations on two years, Jenny and Jeff!!

oh, and the cake was amazing!!

Casey said...

Happy Anniversary Jenny and Jeff! It truly was an amazing wedding...we were so excited to be there.

However we must have left right before the cake?? Drat! I do however remember how delicious it looked!

Elena said...

Congratualations on your second Wedding Anniversary!

My dads favorite was German Chocolate, it's also mine. :)

Very nice post.

Brianne said...

Happy belated anniversary!!! We know there will be many more to come!

That DJ and I had many words that evening, but overall you're right the music was good.

The fire alarm still haunts my dreams...


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