Monday, March 02, 2009

A Weekend Away

Not for me and Wes...but for Daddy. And boy did we miss him!

Jeff and his band, the Republic, had a gig in Idaho this past weekend so my Mom stayed over to help me take care of little Wes. I was NOT prepared to be home alone quite yet and kind of panicked when Jeff told me about the show. Luckily the weekend went fast and we won't have to do that again for awhile-I hope! Wes had kind of a fussy weekend, but one night back with Dad and he is sleeping like a pro.

Speaking of the Republic...the boys have a new album out and are having a cd release party at Neumos next Monday (March 9th), please come and support them. It should be a good show and they will, of course, be selling their album- Kingdom of Noise. If you can't pick it up there it's now available online- check it out!

We couldn't be more proud of Daddy and the rest of the's been a long two years in the making.

Hey guys! When are you going to get some baby "merch"? Wes wants a Republic onesie ;)


Dave said...

Three years. Our last show was January '06. (Sylvia wasn't born yet and she turns 3 in a month.)

Casey said...

wish we could be there! :)

Jenny said...

dave...glad to see you're reading...but only commenting to correct me? hmmm...

Brianne said...

Will would love a band onsie too! Hopefully we'll make it out for the show :0)


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