Thursday, May 07, 2009

When I Was a Little Girl I...

needed my blankets to be "just so" while I napped, I would look over my shoulder to make sure all the corners were down

couldn't wait for knuckles to replace the dimples on my chubby little hands

had my parents get me a stand up mic with a laugh track and would perform comedy routines after dinner

LOVED singing christmas songs along with the radio in the light of the tree while my parents watched from the couch...Santa Baby by Madonna was my favorite- of course!

hid my vitamins in a jar in my room and when they started to smell I'd throw them in the woods behind my house

wanted to be an actress and even tried out for Free Willy 2 ;)

thought glamour shots were really cool and have photos to prove it!

could climb the tall rope faster than any boy in my neighborhood

would do all sorts of stupid things my brother told me to do while my parents were at work

wore a uniform from kindergarten to 8th grade at private catholic school

lived little over a mile away from my future husbands house and didn't even know it!

watched a ton of soap operas during the summer when I should have been out playing - General Hospital was my favorite

was in 4h arts and crafts and entered competitions where I had to stand in front of a panel of judges and answer questions while making blueberry muffins or wearing an outfit I made

woke up from a nap to an empty house and looked around the neighborhood for my parents...the next door neighbor boy found me and bought be a pacman ice cream until my parents came home

Thanks Rebekah for this exercise, so fun to recall my youth!

What were YOU like?


Aleah said...

Have that Glamour Shots photo handy? ; )

I loved reading this - Rebekah's too!

Where were your parents?!!

Cute pictures!

Pat said...

yes, where were we - I hope we were at Leroy & Henri's (our neighbors)

Rebekah said...

oh my gosh I totally forgot about glamour shots..I had braces in my photo which doesn't exactly go with fur collars :) these, thanks for joining me I was actually thinking about tagging you!

Kimberly said...

I don't know what to comment on first so here it goes. I love seeing pic's of you when you were little. Adorable! You seriously had laugh track?! And you woke up from a nap and your parents were gone?! How old were you?! This was too funny. I loved it. (If eachday went that far back I'd join in the fun. Oh well.).

Mandy said...

so funny, Jenny! you really ought to post the glamour shots- my mom never let me get those :(
I'm with you on General Hospital, though. My old babysitter used to watch it every afternoon, so I could pretty much keep up with teh characters if I ever caught it up until probably 10 years ago :)

Casey said...

So fun to see these old photos of you Jenny! :)

And Free Willy 2? How funny! What part did you audition for?

Kristen said...

Wishing you a Happy Mothers Day today, Jenny! Your first! I've been thinking about you a lot today, and about that special moment when you and Jeff first announced to the family that you were expecting a baby, just over a year ago. It has been such a joy to watch you become a mom, Jenny. And what I wrote to Rebekah, I will write to you, too: Your mother's heart blesses me and my family so much! We love you!


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