Thursday, May 07, 2009

Many of you may have noticed from the previous posts or from my sister-in-laws wonderful entry, found here, that I chopped off roughly 8 inches of hair!

Way back when, I decided I'd like to grow my hair out with the hope of donating it for a wig. Little did I know (but the Lord did, I'm sure) that my dear sweet mother-in-law would be diagnosed, quite unexpectedly, with breast cancer. It was such an honor to support Paula in some small way. Anton's in Bellevue put together an amazing wig of not only MY hair, but the hair of all 3 of my sisters (Rachel- you'll be one in just 16 short days).

Paula, I love you dearly and have since first meeting you as a freshman at Liberty High School. I was always so thrilled when you were the substitute teacher and I'm even more thrilled that I became a Mrs. Gough too. How blessed I am to be a part of your family, to be a part of the Gough legacy is a source of great pride (but not in a sinful way ;)).

At the Bethany Women's Retreat in Leavenworth this past weekend the speaker gave a talk on Ruth and Naomi...she talked about how Ruth decided to stay with Naomi despite the fact that her husband had died and Naomi had asked her to leave. The speaker then asked, "how many people would follow their mother-in-law?" (thinking not many people would in this day and age) and I thought, without a moments hesitation, "I would!" You are a rare gem and worthy of all the riches God has bestowed upon you. I will follow you Paula, through high school, through this journey fighting cancer, through a life filled with joys and sorrows. God bless you!


Caroline Prince said...

This is very heart warming...Best wishes to her, she is in my thoughts!

Mandy said...

I love your hair this length, Jenny! So cute & such a sweet story. So amazing that you felt called to grow it out before you even knew about this need for it!

Elena said...

I like your hair short Jenny. Our thoughts and prayers are always with Paula.
Love, The Boldrin Bunch :)


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