Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy 1st Father's Day!


You are not only an amazing husband but you are seriously an amazing father. From day 1 you just jumped right in and started loving and caring for your son. You were the first one to hold him and brought him over to me so I could have a peak and a quick little kiss before they had to whisk him away to the nursery. You stayed with our boy and made him know that he wasn't alone, that his parents love him...and you haven't stopped doing that ever since.

If Wesley could talk he would thank you...thank you for getting up with him in the night, taking him on adventures (walks around the yard), and excitedly greeting him every morning and every time you walk in the door from work!

I have never felt alone in raising our boy, we are equal partners and I love that.

I can't wait to see what Wes learns from you and what you will learn from him as you help mold him into a young man.

To the first of many Father's Days...we love you!


Elena said...

Happy 1st Father's Day Jeff.

Rachel said...

Happy Father's Day Jeff!! You really are an amazing dad. :)

Pat said...

Happy 1st Father's Day Jeff. We're so happy that you are Wes' dad. We love you so.

Prince said...

Wes, your dad is top doubt.

Love all three of you!

La Dolce Vita said...

Happy father's day, Jeff! ;)

Kristen said...

jeff is an amazing dad, and such an awesome uncle and brother, too! happy belated first father's day, jeff!


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