Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Quilt for Miles

My sweet little nephew, Miles, (just 11 weeks younger than Wes) deserved a quilt! It has been my pleasure to create unique quilts for all of my nephews (now 4 of them) these past 3 years and Miles was no exception. The only problem is that Wes came early and spoiled my quilting plans (including his own...but that's another story). So, there Miles' quilt layed, the face finished, for 7 months....but that day has arrived and it is complete! And I love it! (but not as much as I love Miles- of course!)

Thank you Kyle and Kristen for blessing our family with yet another precious baby boy- I'm just running out of words to describe how much I adore ALL of my nephews and how much they fill my heart with such joy each time I kiss their chubby cheeks (some more chubby than others)! Wes is such a lucky guy to have such amazing cousins.


Prince said...

Am I really going to be the first to comment? I can't believe it...this is so great...but a lot of pressure...let's see here....

The quilt is darling and full of styles,
for such a sweet boy that is Miles.
By golly you've done it again,
you mad little quilter from Renton.


Shauna said...

I LOVE the quilt Jenny!!

Pat said...

I love the fact that both Miles and Evan's quilts have a Grover on them!

Kristen said...

Jenny, our boys' quilts are treasures. Thank you, thank you, thank you! All your nephews are so blessed by your love for them, and by your incredible generosity. I feel so blessed by your love and generosity, too!

Casey said...

beautiful work Jenny :)

We too love your quilt over here...we still use it everyday!


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