Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our "stay cool" methods

As I type this it's 98 degrees outside in the shade and 85 degrees in our house! I'm turning into the Wicked Witch of the West over here...."i'm melting, i'm melting" (can you tell i've always been a Wizard of Oz fan?)

Our kiddie pool was set up today (thank you Jeff) and I know that is definitely going to help us beat this heat, but I thought i'd share a couple of tricks we've picked up these past few days.

- My sister-in-law, Kristen, gave us hot water bottles with handmade flannel covers for Christmas one year and we've been sticking those in the freezer and cuddling them at night. I think this is the ONLY reason we've survived!

- Today I finally remembered my little rice pillow, and popped that in the freezer as well. It works great for Wes- cool, but not too cold and I don't need to worry about him freezing his little diaper off. In fact, he's snuggled up with it right now for his afternoon nap.

Honestly, it's so hot I'm not motivated to do a thing! So, I'm watching Mermaids and dreaming about diving in the cold ocean ;)

Any tips for staying cool?


Rebekah said...

your tip with the water bottle has come in so handy already this week so thanks for letting us know about the rice pillows as well I will walk directly to the freezer with mine after I leave this comment..I was literally soaking wet this morning after cleaning the house for tomorrow but it felt good to let the kids dump cold water on me in the pool afterward! still hoping to try out your pool this week..maybe friday or saturday?

Daryn said...

Brooke, Kekrops, Ruby, and Rocco (Shannon's dog) all abandoned me and went out to Tahuya for the week, where there's water to swim in, and A/C in the house!

I bought a little air conditioner for Ruby's room, so I've been hanging out in there at night, but my office doesn't have a/c either, so it's been pretty miserable. Thankfully I can do most of my work in the coffee shop across the street.

Kristen said...

thanks for having us over for lunch and to try out the pool today--it was amazing while i was in it!

seriously, your frozen "hot" water bottle tip has worked wonders over here, too! and i just put my rice pillow in the freezer... :)

Casey said...

here's one fast trick for you that I always do in the hot summers in MI....

run your wrists under ice cold water for about a minute or so. It cools your blood down and you can actually feel it traveling up your arm. It never fails to cool me off, even if it's just for a little bit.


Brianne said...

Great ideas ladies!

you are all welcome to camp out at our place...we have an AC unit that cools the whole house down pretty nicely.

alisha said...

I'm jealous! I want to be trying to stay cool, seeing that it is July. My goal is trying to stay dry in this rainy summer we're having. :( Enjoy the sunshine!


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