Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I'm pretty sure a raccoon popped our kiddie pool! (Mandy, I know you warned me)

Exhibit A- muddy paw prints around the top
Exhibit B- mesh strainer used to clean the pool has small indentations on the handle (bite marks!!)

Huge bummer, looks like I'll be making a trip to boatworld for a patch kit. At least the weather has cooled down a bit.

In other news I found these 3 photos of Wes taken in April, May, and June...apparently I LOVE photos of him on his playmat AND his terry striped shirt. I realize there's not a huge difference in how he looks, but I thought I'd share anyway.

Today we went to a free trial class at gymboree and I think Wes liked it- this may be just the thing for the winter months. Oh, and I'm almost done with the face of Wes' quilt- yippee for motivation!

Hope everyone is having a good week.


Mandy said...

I'm so sorry, Jenny! And so sad because I know you had the "family" pool :( Hopefully the patch will work.
That's so fun about the gymboree class. I kept meaning to try a free one of those & kept forgetting- you're right, maybe once the weather gets worse. One that my mom's always pushing on me, but we haven't had time for is kindermusik- I don't know if you know anything about it, but my mom has friends who teach it & she just raves about it.
Anyways, sorry again about the pool!

Jenny said...

ooh, thanks mandy! i just signed up for a free class!

Angela said...

thanks for the Blog title help Jenny- and Wes is sure getting big! He is just so handsome, I'm sur eyou know this already! He looks like such a happy little guy...
I think you guys have MyGym ver there somewhere- I took my kids to it for almost 1 1/2 years and they LOVED it- it's similar to Gymboree but has a few diff activities I think. But I loved the program- you could check that one out too- good luck!

Brianne said...

gymboree sounds like fun! I might have to find a free class for Will to try out :-)

Look how much he grew over those 3 months- incredible!!

Good job on the quilt!

Casey said...

oh no! Those darn raccoons....at my parents house they are always getting into everything. Hopefully the patch will work!


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