Friday, September 25, 2009

I Jinxed it

10:25pm- Wes cries out for no apparent reason but falls immediately back to sleep. maybe he never woke up? luckily we were still awake so no real harm done.

1:00am- Wes wakes up and cries...I think he's going to fall back to sleep so I leave him alone for 5 minutes...when the cry starts to escalate I get out of bed and the moment I open the door he's asleep- ugh! (Jeff never woke up)

6:30am- Wes wakes up for a feeding (he'd been skipping this one so I thought we might be through), typically he falls asleep after this one and will sleep in until such luck- up for the day!

Though I'm feeling tired I am riding a high knowing I will get to sleep in tomorrow! Wes is spending his first weekend with my for him, fun for them, and FUN for us (though I'm sure we'll miss him terribly)!

The picture above was taken by my friend, Julie. She got to witness first hand mine and Wes' cuddlefests....he gives me kisses, which ultimately means he slobbers all over my face and then rubs his own face in it until we're both a wet mess and we love it!


Brianne said...

Maybe he's pushing a tooth thru again? Will's regression in sleep seemed to coincide with that tooth that has finally made its way out!
Enjoy your weekend!

Cute picture BTW.

Jenny said...

oh yeah, i forgot...i have seen a top tooth under the gum...thanks for the reminder!

Jocy May said...

love the new blog header! and yes, that picture is really cute.

Kristen said...

love that photo of the cuddlefest! have a WONDERFUL weekend! xoxo

Kimberly said...

Awe such a cute shot!

Your weekend sounds exciting- where did you go?

Angela said...

awww, what a precious picture! Enjoy your night out Jenny- I wonder if you really will sleep in...? I never did- even when I had the chance! hahaha!

Prince said...

CUTE!!!! And Wesley's not so bad himself ;)

alisha said...

Love the new look blog! And that smile of Wesley's is heart melting.


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