Friday, October 02, 2009

On the Road

Daddy don't go!!!

They left yesterday. We're sad.

Come back soon! And you might as well have a good time since you're gone for 18 days!!

{in the meantime we'll be keeping ourselves busy with play-dates and over-nighters...hey, maybe this will be fun? not likely.}


Kimberly said...

Having fun yet?

Rebekah said...

is that Jeff's list? ha ha Chris literally packed in five minutes..literally. it was stressing me out so I tried to lay a few things out for him but aside from the music gear he just threw some stuff in a bag :).
two down, sixteen to go!

amyrenee said...

I want to see more pictures of the tour bus! Where are the airplane seats!?

La Dolce Vita said...

Good luck on tour, guys!

It's awesome that they are having a tour like this to promote their music!!!

We will follow their adventures with the pictures posted on Myspace!

Jenny, I also use to make a list of things in my luggage when I if my bag gets lost, I know what's inside!!!

alisha said...

Yes! Tour pictures! Also, can't wait to see Wes on tour some day. I'm sure the guys would love one of those signs that say 'baby on board'.

Casey said...

Oh boy, I'll be thinking of you (and Rebekah!) while the boys are away...

And where can I snag a snazzy Republic tee? ;) We'll promote them here in the midwest!

Baby Weeldreyer's Blog said...

Loving the new t-shirt design! :)
Good luck you band mommies. If Gwyneth can do it, so can you!

Jenny said...

kim- actually it's been fun, i think i appreciate Wes more when I know it's just me and him against the world ;)

rebekah- jeff wrote the list the night before and then packed in 5 minutes the morning of...

casey- i'm sure we could figure out a tee for you guys...i suggested the republic start an etsy store!

thanks for all the support guys!

Prince said...

Are you and Jeff and Wes in your Renton house in one of those photos?

Have a blast choreographing a Jenny/Wesley dance for Jeff's return!!


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