Thursday, October 08, 2009

1 Week Down

Jeff has been gone for a week now and so has my blogging...I just haven't felt motivated, I guess you could say that Jeff is my muse!

So, here's what we've been up to...and a TON of photos...this makes for a really long blog post so I'll understand if you don't finish...but Jeff wanted to see pictures of his boy...and Jeff gets what he wants (i.e. an 18 day tour with the band, kidding, well, sort of)

- we spent last weekend with my parents with several visits to grandma & grandpa gough's was great! My Mom and I also managed to squeeze in a manicure & pedicure (yes, I actually picked out the holographic polish...but it didn't look so rainbow-y at the nail place)

- salmon days in Issaquah...too many people, too many booths filled with things I don't need to buy, too long of lines for food, and Wes was kind of too little to enjoy the incredible free play area for kids- maybe in a couple of years...

- birthday party for a fun 4 year old on Sunday, plus we had a roommie move in!

- Monday was Wes' first class at gymboree, he loved was fun to see the kids interact with each other, but mostly he just liked making faces at himself in the mirror...lots of people commented on how expressive he is, it's an understatement, really. I also took advantage of his 2nd nap and did some rearranging in our home...I'm not finished but it's getting there!

- Tuesday MOPS started for the year and it was wonderful...Wes was exhausted and promptly passed out on our car ride home but decided to skip his 2nd nap because his first one was so late...this was when Meme came over and Mommy tried to sleep since she was so tired from having Wes wake up at 6:30 2 days in a row...obviously i'm still recovering since i'm speaking in 3rd person. Anyway, I finished off the evening by celebrating several birthdays with said roommate and other friends at Bastille (french fries with truffle salt are a must try).

- My mom stayed over both Tuesday and Wednesday night and she accompanied us to my nephews 2nd birthday party.

- Today (thursday) was pretty low key since Wes has not been napping well due to teething (I think he's getting fangs) but we did manage a walk in this crisp fall air with Katie and Isaiah...we crossed the Locks to Magnolia and picked ourselves up some smoothies...what a treat!

- On the docket for tomorrow...a date with the bandwidows at the park.

So, you can see we're keeping ourselves busy...but it's not helping us forget how much we miss Jeff. I can't wait for him to come home and for our little family to start enjoying this season together!


alisha said...

Wes is cute as usual! Also, can't wait to hear what you think of Operating Instructions. I really like Anne Lamott's other books. Next book report please!

Angela said...

I'd say by reading this post you are a bonified "seasoned" mother my-dear!! Sounds like you have filled your time with great activites for both you and Wes, good job! Wes is just so adorable, I feel like I know him from reading your posts, and the expressions are priceless! Someday I hope we can actually get together and visit ;-)

Rebekah said...

such a sweet post Jenny, those top photos could be some of my favorites of Wes, ever! I am so glad that you have been able to fill your time with fun outings and activities and hope that tomorrow, YOUR BIRTHDAY, is especially wonderful! You also forgot to include that you guys watch my two for a few hours to give me a break with was so kind and much appreciated!!
see you at the bandwidow party in a few :)

Rebekah said...

ha ha all those typos in my comment are so fitting..we've been doing the 6am thing too so clearly I can not function fully..

Jenny said...

oh yes, it was so fun to watch the boys..i actually got a few photos...maybe i'll post them on Paula's blog?

alisha- i've been slacking on reading so I'm not quite there yet...but I'm not sure I'm an Anne Lamott fan, shocking, I'll just have to wait and see the full report!

angela- would love to see you next time you're in town!

Prince said...

Love this post. I wish I was there :)

Happy 29th Jenny!!!

Anonymous said...

hello Jenny et Jeff,

Vraiment vous etes une petite famille adorable et votre petit garcon je n en parle meme pas tellement il est mignon
bisous love
Pascal et Christine


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