Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Breakfast in Bed

With Dadda, what a treat!

I remember before we had Wes I would often wake up and yell "B in B" which meant, of course, breakfast in bed...and often I would get it (egg in a hole or eggos with peanut butter and maple syrup). Those days are gone, for now at least, with a little one who is quite impatient in the mornings. But it is so sweet to see him content with his dadda and his bottle, cozied up in bed.

We are thrilled to have Jeff back!

And on another random note (besides the fact that Jeff has grown a full on beard!)...I was sitting in the back seat looking at Wes today and wondered, does he look at me and think, "i just love her so much," like i think when I look at him? It kind of seemed so, he was smiling under his binky and giving me "the eyes"- man, he is adorable!


Casey said...

At least someone is getting breakfast in bed! ;)

ps. diggin' the beard Jeff.

Pat said...

of course he's thinking that

Kristen said...

what your mom said!

i am missing you guys, and can't wait to see you soon.

Prince said...

I think he's thinking it in French ;)

And you mentioned Jeff's beard, but said nothing about Wes' mohawk.

Jenny said...

i think it just looks like a mohawk in that photo because of the black & white and the fact that he doesn't have too much hair up top ;)

Mandy said...

I bet you're so glad to have Jeff home! What cute pics of the 2 main men in your life :)


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