Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good Morning!

How fun are purple potatoes? They're like little breakfast gems!


Kristen said...

i so love this little glimpse into your morning. beautiful shots of those purple potatoes!

Prince said...

gems indeed!

i wish I was cooking them with you...and that I had my nails painted such a fun color :)

can't wait to see you!

Katie, Ryan, and Sean said...

Puprle potatoes!?!?!? You guys are crazy.

La Dolce Vita said... vegetables! Never tried before...but now I will looking forward finding them here in Trento!


Casey said...

I still remember when my dad brought home some purple potatoes when I was still in high school....I don't know why, but I still totally expect them to taste different (even though they don't).

Fun morning shot! :)

alisha said...

Are your fried eggs plastic?! They look perfect. I've never even heard of purple potatoes but now I want some to mash. Fun.

Jenny said...

nope, they're not plastic...i'm just "that" good ;)


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