Thursday, November 05, 2009


It always takes me forever to change the month on the two calendars I have in my house...I forget about them because in this age of technology I don't really use them...I've got my phone or my computer to tell me which day it is...and if I'm making plans then I use a small appt. book that I keep in my purse (archaic, i know).

Today, while flipping my Nikki McClure calendar I noticed that October had the word Mother on it (each month has a different theme). This was particularly noteworthy for me since I will have been a mother for an entire year in 10 days. These last few weeks I've really been thinking about what that means, how quickly the time has gone, how different my life is, and how richly blessed I am. Words can't even begin to do it justice.

Today I am thankful for being able to become a Mother, for surviving the first year and picking up a whole new skill set- where juggling Wes has become second nature, for the gift God has given me by entrusting me with Wesley's precious little life, for an amazing, joyful son!

While I was out running errands for you-know-who's birthday party it was rainy and cold and I was reminded of my highschool PE teacher who wore shorts pretty much everyday, rain or shine. Crotzer, I think it was...anyway, Wes was wearing a bright orange vest today and it reminded me how Crotzer used to force us to go outside despite the cold and would tell us to keep our core warm because then at least your heart would be pumping warm blood to your extremeties. Good to know I applied that to the care of my boy...and now I might write a book- Everything I need to know I learned in PE?


Prince said...

Good to know you're getting a lot of use out of the calendar in your kitchen...if it's even still there ;) Who gives calendars as gifts anyways? Sheesh.

All joking aside, YOU are a beautiful mother and the perfect one for Wes. You're first year of! My heart is singing for you Jenny :)

And that Crotzer sure was memorable, wasn't she. Knee high socks and all.

Kristen said...

you are a beautiful and inspiring mother, jenny, and i love that the calendar's theme so perfectly aligned with the anniversary month of wes' birth!

i've been thinking about you and your family of three a lot these days, and remembering when wes was born. i went back to a year ago on this blog to read your posts about his birth, and the days that followed, just a couple days ago. i love you and am so proud of you, jenny... becoming a mother is no easy job, but you have entered into this new role with joy and grace and amazing love. and we all adore that little boy of yours! i am grateful, so grateful to be a part of your family, to share life with you, and to be moms together alongside rebekah and rachel. i have learned so much and will learn so much from you all! congratulations on an amazing first year as a mom! xoxo

Casey said...

I can hardly believe it's nearly been a year! Boy how time flies :) And to think that we've never even met Wes! A trip is in summer I'm thinking!

Rachel Womelsduff Gough said...

Each time I woke up last night, uncomfortable from this burgeoning belly and feeling exhausted, I started to panic a little at the thought that it's only going to get worse until Amelia is born, and even then I will be awakened at all hours with a newborn. But then I read your post about how wonderful it is to be a mother, how much Wes has changed your life, how much you've grown and learned. I know all those things in an academic sense, but the prospect of "motherhood" is so daunting. For the rest of my life, I will be Amelia's mom. It's exciting and overwhelming. Thank you for sharing, and helping calm my fears.


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