Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A Good Cup of Tea

So, I've never been a huge coffee fan and it was no surprise to me when I had a food allergy test done several years ago that coffee turned up. It's not the caffeine as people often suggest, it's the actual protein that my body just doesn't like...and by "doesn't like" I mean that I feel anxious and there's a "tightness" in my chest.

But, after I had Wes something strange happened...I LOVED coffee and I didn't notice it being a problem (ok, maybe every once in awhile)...but it was especially an issue on Monday, so much so that Jeff decided to use our stethoscope to listen to my heart (since that seemed to be the center of my anxiety). And, what do you know? It was doing it's old PVC thing...

So, coffee's out! But now I've got to find a replacement...mostly I just like the warm cozy cup of something to, today I'm thankful for The O Dor tea I'm's a black tea, called The Du Loup and it has vanilla and hazelnut's no cup of Starbucks Holiday goodness, but for now it will have to do.

Anyone have a favorite tea that I should know about? Something rich and coffee like?


La Dolce Vita said...

I love teas, every kinds of. Have I ever told you that I collect them? Usually I have at least 2 or 3 cups a day: 1 in the morning for breakfast, one in the afternoon and one before to go to bed.

My favourite cup is: black tea with a citrus flavour, 1 and a half teaspoon of black sugar and 2 slices of fresh that I am writing about it...I feel like having one.

I can't t really suggest one tea better than another...because I like them all!!!!!!

Rebekah said...

sorry to hear about your heart that is not good..what about hot cocoa or hot apple cider, I had that last night and it was the perfect warm up!

Jenny said...

mario, that sound intriguing!

rebekah, I've thought of that but wondered if I'd be packing on the pounds from hot coco ;)

Brianne said...

Jenny- when I was preggers and coffee repulsed me I fell in love with Chai Tea- with soy milk. I am sure you could purchase the pre-made Oregon Chai at Ballard Market- and if you're concerned about poundage (hey we're ladies) they make a yummy sugar free one, and you'd be getting some good protein from the soy :0)

I actually purchased some soy last night so I can enjoy our fancy schmancy hot cocoa pot, since milk is still not a friend of mine.

Kari said...

This may not be for you, but my very favorite tea is oolong... Its halfway between black & green and is not like coffee AT ALL. But it is so naturally sweet and floral and wonderful. Try a high quality looseleaf one from an asian tea shop...Or come visit and I'll make you a pot.

It is the only tea I drink, although I do also like a strong, sweet black tea occaisionally.

Kristen said...

i am sorry to hear about your heart, too, jenny. i think bri's chai suggestion is a great one, if you like chai tea. or almond steamers would be yummy too. :)

Casey said...

oh, sorry to hear about your hear too! bye bye coffee :(

my favorite tea isn't much like coffee, but all the Dutchies over here drink lots of's Pickwick English Breakfast. So yum!

Pat said...

Dr. Oz says that green tea (not black) is really good for you. He suggests 3 to 4 cups a day, I try and get in at least one cup (after my morning coffee - sorry).

Prince said... lemon water???? Low-cal and warm...if you're in a bind. That's what I'm drinking as I type tonight...minus the lemon part :) Not bad if you're thirsty and cold. But I think Rebekah had the best idea with hot cocoa or cider...and they sell low-sugar brands (I'm not talking about the ones with fake sugar...just less of it) so you wouldn't pack on too much sugar weight. I can't wait to see what we drink together when I arrive next week...yippeee!

Kimberly said...

Great question Jenny! I've been wondering the same. I like tea it's nothing like coffee!!

I have a few good teas on hand (Sweet Cinnamon Spice, Wild Sweet Orange and Green Ginger). But there's so far no replacement for the bean.

I'm going to scan other comments for suggestions :) Thanks for putting it out there.

alisha said...

Jenny, sorry to hear about your heart...Hopefully my strange and diverse taste in tea could be of some service...

My fave non-coffee hot drinks:
* Good Earth/ Market Spice tea (cinnamon flavour; for some reason I think Bartell's always has them on sale)
* jasmine tea
* chrsanthymum tea (it's in a ball and flowers in the water)
* dandelion coffee (haven't tried this but apparently it's good, but not really coffee. very good for digestion.)
*genmai cha (a barley tea that I loved in Japan. I bet you could get it at that Japanese tea shop in Ballard if it's still open.)


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