Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our Wesley is One!

I can hardly believe it!

It's crazy to me that the time has gone by so quickly. I remember this time last year we were still at the hospital, wondering when our little man would suck on his own, bathing him in the same size bucket they gave me to vomit in just minutes before they rolled me into my c-section, changing his tiny preemie clothes while minding all the wires that were used to monitor his vitals, pumping, feeding, sleeping, receiving visitors (and their wonderful meals) like clock-work, putting Wes to sleep in his little incubator, discovering who our little son would be as he smiled, wrinkled his forehead, and brought indescribable joy to our lives.

I can't, nor do I want to, imagine our lives without Wesley. He is more than I could of dreamed or wished for in a son and he is cuter than I ever thought possible. (I always knew I would know if my child really wasn't that cute...and I'm happy to report that he's adorable!)

We celebrated his birthday on Sunday the only way we knew how...with tons of family and friends. We are so blessed to have this community to raise our son in and thank you all for a memorable day- brief, hectic, fun!

Grandma Evans made her famous angle food cake and Wes ate it like a little Prince!

It's hard to take it all in...motherhood, family, each passing day as Wes continues to become a big boy. I pray that God will help me enjoy every minute of it and that he will bless Jeff and I with the strength and wisdom to guide Wes in the coming years. We are all so very blessed and overwhelmed with gratitude!


Brianne said...

Ohh Jenny- this made me cry tears of happiness, and I am not a crier!
I am so blessed by your family and cherish each of you in a different way, thank you for being my friend!
Happy 1 yr birthday Wes!

Rachel Womelsduff Gough said...

I just wanted to confirm, from a non-biased standpoint, that Wes is indeed cute. I'm glad to be in your family, Jenny, and to be your friend.

Prince said...

excellent! i knew he was eating his cake like my younger brother. love you, Jenny!

I love you, WEH-ES! (that's my attempt to sound like Scout)

Rebekah said...

I am biased and he is ADORABLE!! What an amazing first year this has been with Wesley I am honored to be his Auntie and look forward to spoiling him more this next year! xo

great party by the way, one of the funnest first birthday's ever!

Kristen said...

we love you guys!

La Dolce Vita said...

Wes is adorable...aaaahhh italian genes are way way so goooood!!!! :)) *grin*


Katie, Ryan, and Sean said...

What a cutie!!!! Isn't it crazy how fast it goes! Enjoy this stage, it is SOOOOOO fun!

Casey said...

What a great way to celebrate Wes' first looks like you all had so much fun :) I truly can't believe it has been a year!!

alisha said...

Happy birthday Wes!!


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