Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Redeemed!

Last year Thanksgiving was good, but this year Thanksgiving was the best!

The boys changed the Turkey Bowl from tackle football to a more mild soccer (and this year the rats lost for the 1st time ever- boo, hiss- vipers). There was a great turnout, but not too great of weather and Wes and I couldn't stay long.

We headed to my amazing sister and brother-in-laws for brunch which was co-hosted by Jeff's mom. Delicious treats as usual...monkey bread, bacon, sausage. And some fun at the photo shoot parlor that Rebekah prepared for the day- what a great idea and the start of an annual tradition, I hope.

After that we raced home for a quick shower, wardrobe change, and gathering of our contribution to the nights festivities and then back over to C&Rs for a full on Thanksgiving feast! My parents were able to come, which I loved since it's so nice not having to decide where to go and to have us all together (minus my brother who was celebrating in pale skin is jealous).

I know I mentioned in my previous post that there was a ton of food, but I'm not sure you get the picture...I think Rebekah and I counted 3-4lb of meat per adult...3 turkeys and one ham...and don't even get me started on the appetizers, sides, and pie- oh my!

Below were the best "cousins" photos I could get...these boys are busy!

It was truly a lovely day and the fact that Wes was finally able to join us was icing on the cake (wait, was there cake?) You can see some adorable video clips on my Mom's blog.

What a blessing it is to truly enjoy your family and friends, I am one lucky girl.

(btw, we've really got to take a big family photo at these events...I always feel bad when I don't have a photo of everyone...we're a little Wesley-centric over here!)


Mandy said...

Looks so fun, Jenny! I love how close your big family is! and am impressed by all that food! So glad you had such a good one!

amyrenee said...

Please tell Paula how beautiful and chic she looks with her "new" hair!

Casey said...

What great photos of your Thanksgiving! And how wonderful that you didn't have to split the day between both families...that does make things easier. You all look wonderful! :)

I do hope we can come next summer to visit, I shall keep you posted!

alisha said...

Wow - great celebrations. I love your family's re-enactment photos of the first thanksgiving as well.

And I agree, with Amy, Paula does look beautiful. :)

Prince said...

terrific Jenny! although I'd love to see a full family photo too, keep the Wesley-centric photos coming. what a great Thanksgiving...i have pie envy right now ;) YOU KNOW...I want some PIE!!!

Casey said...

oh and btw, Tom wanted to say that he thinks Jeff looks like a French lumberjack ;)

Shauna said...

Wow, a photo booth - that Rebekah is so creative!! Glad you all had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving!


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