Monday, November 30, 2009

Northwest Hospital

Today marks the one year anniversary of leaving Northwest Hospital with our baby boy in our arms! After spending 15 days in a place, the place your 1st child was born and you were cared for so sweetly, well, you kind of get the last year Jeff and I have often found ourselves crying out, "i miss the hospital"- Wes slept all the time, we had 24 hour babysitters, the nurses told us to sleep through the 2:30am feeding, when we did feed him late at night or early in the morning we had company- roughly 6 different rotating nurses to learn all about and learn from, we also had access to their little kitchen and though it wasn't much (jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches, yogurt, pudding, prune & apricot juice) Jeff made the best cranberry spritzers...oh how I miss those.

We can hardly wait to go there again when our niece is born in February. In fact, we didn't wait...we went there on Saturday to tell Wes his birth story and see if any of our old friends were there.

Wes out front.

Wes with Julie, one of our nurses, who remembered us quite well...she asked about Jeff's band and my sewing felt nice.

Our old hall, seriously, this place kind of felt like a dorm.

I'm so thankful that Jeff really wanted to go too, that he wasn't just indulging his crazy wife. I think we both just love this place and what it symbolizes...the start of our family, of so many families. I think I'm in love with birthing centers! Truly, if for some reason I decided to go back to school and start a totally different career, I think I'd like to be a labor & delivery nurse...but that's a different blog post altogether.

Thank you Northwest Hospital and team!


Rebekah said...

I love that you went back to your "Wesley Home" that was quite the special place while you guys were there!! We just love that little buddy so much and are very proud of the family that you have built over the past twelve months!

ps. If I could go to School I honestly would want to be a fertility specialist..funny we could be a team :) fun to spend time with you this morning!

Prince said...

my eyes just brimmed with tears, jenny! partly because i love the story and partly because it's something i wasn't able to share with you...and that makes me a bit sad. maybe for his 2nd birthday i'll be there to do the birth story tour :) i'm so glad nw took such good care of my dear friends.

Pat said...

I love your new header photo!

Katie, Ryan, and Sean said...

Ah yes, good ol' Northwest. They are great aren't they? I am glad you went back - we did after Sean.

alisha said...

Praise God you had such an amazing hospital to get you through those first 2 weeks.

I really like the totem pole out front too. :)


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