Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Outings!

As Wes and Jeff nap...after our big morning of breakfast burritos and presents...I type...and prepare for our family festivities...3 days of fun!

Along the way we've been enjoying ourselves and I thought I'd share a few photos from our Christmas outings.

First, a trip to Swanson's to visit their camel, mini donkey, and reindeer...oh, and we can't forget about the train!

Then a car ride to look at the magical Christmas lights. I think Wes actually understood what we were doing...he was mesmerized and perfectly content the entire time.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. God bless you!

That tree goes right through the roof- wow!


Pat said...

sure glad that camel didn't spit on Wes...

CristieMaye said...

so adorable! i love driving around to check out christmas lights! :)

wes is a very lucky little boy. you are an amazing mom...i don't know how you find the energy!

love you!

Casey said...

Wes, where did you get such an amazing hat--and do they make them for adults? ;)


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