Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

The year is coming to a close, so in the interest of starting with a fresh slate (no back-blog, if you will)...I'm wrapping up this year with a very fitting Christmas entry.

Our festivities began early in the month of December with Jeff's office party...a "decking of the halls" and a fun time all around, although I found myself missing the crafting table for homemade polaroid we did last year. Luckily Rebekah's photobooth idea was back in action and here were the results!

Wow, i just realized that a picture of our family is exactly in the middle of this video.

We also had some great extended family parties which I neglected to photograph. The Gough celebration at Scott & Kathy's beautifully remodeled home...where we got to enjoy the arrival of two very adorable twins. The Boldrin celebration where Wes got to finally meet his 1st cousins, once removed -Christian and Kingston- who are so adorable (I did get a photo of them..and I snagged one of our family from my aunt's blog)!

Lastly (and directly after the Boldrin party..a long day to say the least) we celebrated Christmas with the Evans'- Great Grandma's "Christmas Eve" celebration- where she spoiled us with gifts and topped it all off with a birthday sing-a-long and angel food cake for baby Jesus...I love how deliberate and honoring this was. It is such a treat to live so close to family and to spend this season with them, sharing life.

Then it was time for our immediate families to party it up! Jeff, Wes and I got the pleasure of an early visit from Santa on Christmas Eve Morn. Wes was more enthralled with the wrapping paper than any of the gifts...which was alright with us! Both Wes and Daddy got Maps...I hope to post a photo of Jeff's when it's all complete...his brother, Kyle, helped me by cutting and putting together some pine floor boards that the map will be mounted on and then I had it framed at Annie's (they're so great there). We're going to put pins in all the places we've been together, separately, and with Wes...color coordinated, of course.

After Wes' nap we headed to my parents house where we got to work on homemade pasta- bucatini arrabiata- using the pasta extruder my folks gave me for my birthday. We also had chicken piccata, meatballs, broccoli with brown butter and myzithra (so easy and delicious) and a green was quite a wonderful meal...and the company wasn't too bad either ;).

Jeff, Wes and I spent the night and Wes came down with the cold that I had been battling and the poor thing woke up every hour because he couldn't breathe through his nose...which means WE woke up too...a rough night for all! Thankfully Meme and Pepe took him at 6:45 and Mommy and Daddy were able to sleep until 10:00.

We then packed up and headed over to Jeff's parents house, luckily it's just a 3 minute drive! We were able to relax and help set up for a couple of hours before the guests started to was so wonderful not to feel rushed. We nibbled on appetizers, popped some English crackers, and dined on a wonderful spread- beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, salads, rolls...yum, yum! Before guests began to leave Kristen presented the kids with adorable tree pillows with pjs stuffed in the pocket...such a fun, creative, and sweet gift to all! We sang carols and watched the kids romp and play before the big boys attempted their 1st sleepover in the loft.

It was another night of tears for Wes and Miles- both sick...but we made it through and it was worth waking up to "Christmas Morning" for the Gough siblings and cousins...and then homemade almond bread, cinnamon rolls, bacon and eggs. Can you tell this family loves food?

It was a great season and I'm sad to see it come to a close but am also looking forward to what this next year holds...a new niece, a couple of weddings, Jeff and I turning 30. Time to start thinking of those New Years resolutions...but I'm taking Alisha's advice and only choosing 2...more on that later!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Brianne said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! Sorry to hear Wesley was ill...and kept you up ALL night :0( we have been having a bit of that here too. Too bad we don't live closer we could send the offending child over to the other non-sleepers least one of us could get some rest!

Rebekah said...

Love this update Jenny, your photos and stories are such a blessing to read! I hope you guys have a wonderful New Years I so look forward to what 2010 has in store for you guys!

Kristen said...

jenny, i loved reading this post, too.

it is always a joy to spend time with you... i wish i had gotten a good photo of you in your christmas pjs with all the boys; you were truly adorable, and i so love your beautiful spirit. you inspire such fun! my boys adore you!

happy new year! so excited to see what 2010 will bring for the j & j goughs!

katie on the front porch said...

hi jenny! looks like the holidays treated you guys well. and, of course, you look beautiful in all of your photos! hope we get to see you and wes sometime soon-- we miss you guys. maybe next week?

oh- i'm excited to see what the next year holds for you too! ;)

Katie, Ryan, and Sean said...

So fun! That slide show is pretty hilarious. Looks like you guys really enjoyed the holidays! Hope Wes is feeling better and hopefully we will see you soon!

alisha said...

Sounds like a great Christmas! Glad you could put your pasta extruder (is that what they're called?) to work. And good to see some good old-fashioned Christmas crackers in use. You're lucky you didn't have to eat Christmas pudding (fruitcakey thing) and mince pies too like they do in England.

I'm sure 2010 will hold a visit to Seattle, so can't wait to see you then.


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