Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

We got our tree! And I hate to admit it, but I think next year we'll just get one from a lot (I say this only because I begged and begged Jeff to let us go to a U-Cut Farm- there is absolutely nothing wrong with a lot tree...in fact, I had tree envy as we drove past some on our way home...they ALL seemed so perfect). Unless someone can convince me there's a great U-Cut place that's worth the extra $ and has incredible trees.

Nevertheless, we had a good time stomping around...this one's too crooked, too squatty, too many dead branches...oh, this one's just right! I think I was more interested in the mushrooms than the trees though, they had quite a variety!

Jeff kept insisting that Wes found one that he liked...a tiny little weak limbed one. I told Jeff that Wesley "oohs" at anything with a trunk ;)


Shauna said...

I'm with you on the whole u-cut thing. Since I grew up on a u-cut farm it's in my nature to want to do the hunt on a u-cut farm....but the price was crazy and the trees weren't that nice. We seriously only found like 2 decent ones. And it was way way way too expensive. Maybe our tradition will turn into finding an inexpensive lot somewhere instead of trudging through the mud and being disappointed at the late (and poor) sheering they did (I'm a tree snob...).

Nice mushroom pics!

La Dolce Vita said...

This Christmas tree hunting seems so much fun!

Here in Italy it isn't quite popular to go and get a real tree, even though some people do, but most Christmas trees in houses are fake...and so it is ours. This year we have bought a new tree because of Rufus. He would have appreciated too much our old fragile hanging crystal decorations that we have used since we have been living in this house together...so we decided to buy new wood/metallic/plastic decorations.

Soon we'll post the result!!!! ;))

Prince said...

It looked so fun! And, you're right, Wesley's a sucker for trunks...tree trunks, car trunks...girls with junk in theirs, etc. I can't wait to put up our artificial tree that's been sitting in my hallway in a box since June.

Brianne said...

Those mushrooms are CRAZY!

We have been purchasing our tree from a church here in Renton- the proceeds benefit missions so we are always happy to give them our buckaroos...plus they always have beautiful trees :0)

Kimberly said...

We always go to Trinity. Which is fairly pricey but it's really nice up there. There's the train for the kids, a gift shop with spiced cider and hot cocoa, and a fire to cozy up to if you like. It just seams so festive.

This year however I think we might even be more hard core and head up the mountains to find our own! (Have to make up for how late we are due to the remodel)

Looks like it was decent weather for you though? And some cute pics at least!

Jenny said...

shauna- i felt like a tree snob too, and i didn't even grow up on a farm!

mario- can't wait to see your tree!

jane- junk in the trunk, junk in the trunk...wesley likes the girls with the junk in their trunks (does anyone else remember that song?)

bri- great idea, perhaps i'll look into that for next year!

kim- that's definitely hard core...but a mom from Mops said it only costs $10 for a permit and if you don't find a tree you can get your money back...fun AND economical- good luck!


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