Tuesday, December 08, 2009

You're My Best Friend

I almost cried today...Wes has been babbling like crazy...I don't understand a word.

But today, I swear he said, "you're my best friend" and it was the sweetest. We had spent the day together having fun...a MOPS playdate (i've really been loving getting to know these ladies), gymboree, a trip to the Quilting Loft (where Angie spoiled Wes and Mommy by holding and playing with Wes) and then home...where he said those magic words.

You're my best little friend too, Wes. I'm glad I get to spend everyday with you (and I'm also glad you take naps).

Oh, and there's a cute little photo of him here. He's wearing his new hat, which I got at the Seattle Urban Craft Uprising- surprisingly HUGE turnout...and great stuff!


Pat said...

Ahh! We're so thrilled to watch him this weekend.

Shauna said...


Katie, Ryan, and Sean said...

too cute! What a little sweetie!

Kristen said...

so so sweet!

La Dolce Vita said...

Jenny - has our little present for Wes arrived? We sent it 2 weeks ago now... :)

Wes is so cute! ;)

Prince said...

finally! i've been trying to teach him that since birth...but now i realize i have some competition...wow that really backfired ;)

seriously though, he is perfect and so sensitive.


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